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tgblog Nov 27 2017

Incredible India! – The Land of Mysterious Temples

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What is the first thought that comes to our mind when someone asks, what’s special about India? Bet you are going to say; the beautifully carved anatomies constructed in the Indo- Islamic variant, land of lush greenery, snow-capped peaks of the North, the lashing backwaters of Kerala, the Wonder of India- Taj Mahal and the eerie and spooky tales of mishaps. But folks, there is one thing that has to be brought to limelight;
India, though packed with vibrant attractions displaying a traditional culture infused with the modern vivacity, it is also a land of mammoth mystery. In this blog, find the top three mysterious temples of India that would leave you spine-chilling;
1. Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple-

Temple gold
Though residing in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, this temple is a replica of Adikesava Perumal Temple of Kanyakumari, which can be seen, built in the intricate amalgamation of Dravidian and Kerala style. Much to adore of its beauty, isn’t it? Apart from this charming look, the temple has seven mysterious gates where the government had given permission to open its six vaults from which gold worthy of nearly 22million dollars were unveiled. The seventh gate is still to be concealed, where people say it would open on chanting sacred verse and there are two cobras carved on its gate giving out a fiery look.
2. Stambeshwar Mahadev Shrine-

This shrine of Lord Shiva disappears into water whenever high tide passes by. Located in the city of Jambusar at the bay of Cambay, devotees visit this shrine during the daytime when there is low tide and after their prayers, wait to see the temple getting submerged in water. Because of this, it is also known as the disappearing temple of Gujarat. Whether it is the architecture that was not predicted while constructing or something else behind this?
3. Lepakshi Temple-

hanging pillar
Did you know, what’s the alias name of this temple? It is the floating pillar! You might be dumbstruck, but literally, there is a pillar amongst the seventy other in the hallway that remains detached from the ground. People, visiting the temple pass a thin cloth in the space left, as many think it to bring luck. But, is it the architecture that is constructed in such a way or a box of mystery? It still remains unsolved.
So, you might have got to know what true wonders, this incredible India holds off. Head to solve the mystery or to cherish your presence giving way for a thrill in our Outstation Taxis.

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