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tgblog Feb 26 2018

If You’re in Kerala then forget not to Shop these!

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Kerala; “God’s Own Country” with the name we know is not only known for its pristine backwaters and azure beaches of the Western Coast but for the Souvenirs, it holds off. This place beside the two already mentioned boasts of every single element- be it food or shopping. So, below are some of the must-buy things to shop in Kerala.

1. Mural Painting-

Mural Paintings
Who doesn’t like to admire the beautiful sceneries of Kerala, from the authentic cuisines and verdant beaches to the tradition of legacies? Everything is mind-blowing and if there is something else that is equally adorned then they are the paintings that can be seen in the temples, palaces, and churches of Kerala where the Mural arts depicts the mythology and legends of the people of the place. Though it takes a lot of effort to make these, it is highly sold amongst the tourists. If you are searching for this, then head to any handicraft shops or order directly from the mural art decorator.

2. Kathakali Masks-

I would say this would be the best souvenirs one can get it or gift to anyone being Kathakali and Theyyam the traditional dance of the Keralites. Each mask conveys a facial expression of the dancers that they would be performing on the stage. These masks are made of wood, metal or paper-mache and painted by using natural paints or artificial ones and laminated by sap from the pine material. Further, there are studded with stones that altogether make its way glittering. This is recognized as the icon of Kerala.

3. Kasavu – Sari-

Kasavu Sari, also called as Kerala Saree is a piece of cloth worn by the women of Kerala which is woven from pure cotton and bordered with gold and copper Jari. We also can see women from all parts of the world visiting this place and buying this artistic excellence coz the attire just looks elegant. The color of the yarn used is not pure white but beige-white that gives out a dirty yellow shade and, people often misunderstand its color.

So, with so much to shop, visit Kerala without any delay. If you are worried about your stay then leave it to us. You can make an online hotel booking at ticketgoose.com itself.

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