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tgblog Mar 22 2014

How Volvo Buses have redefined our travel experience

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Volvo bus is synonymous to comfort, luxury and safety. After its entry in to the Indian market in 2001, it has given a new meaning to our travel experience. We can now not only travel in ease in the air conditioned coaches, but also relax because of its numerous safety measures. It has improved the connectivity of major cities across the country by catering to all important routes. Today, people prefer a Volvo bus to a normal bus because they know that the ride is worth it, whether it is a city commute or a long distance journey.

Volvo Bus IndiaThe story behind:

Headquartered in Sweden, this automaker has been around for eight decades now; where it has been producing and delivering quality products. Its production facilities include Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America, with distributor network for aftermarket services in more than 80 countries.

In the past 13 years since its presence in India, it has provided a comprehensive transport solution to Indian roads by bringing in low floor city buses across 12 cities, multi-axle coaches, high-end rear engine buses, developed in true bus chassis. (Earlier, all the buses were developed on a truck chassis, till Volvo buses came into the scene). In terms of safety and revolution, Volvo buses stand out. Watch the video below:

Some of the buses that ply on Indian roads are Volvo B7R, Volvo B9R, Volvo B7RLe, Volvo 9400XL inter-city coach, Volvo 9400 inter-city coach, Volvo 8400 low floor city bus among others. We shall talk about types of Volvo buses in India in the next blog.

Advanced features

  1. Volvo has also brought in numerous models and technologies like the Volvo electronically controlled suspension, Volvo engine management system, kneeling mechanisms in city buses, electronically controlled brakes and the anti-lock braking system. These features have set a yardstick for performance, consistency and security.
  2. With its low emission levels, Volvo buses are eco-friendly. It is also fuel efficient.
  3. Its on-board electronic system automatically alerts the driver in case of any problem, besides suggesting the remedies.
  4. The spacious driver’s compartment ensures that he has complete authority over the vehicle as well as the traffic outside.

Help at hand:

Driver Training School: Volvo has its driver training school in Bangalore, where drivers are taught basic as well as advanced techniques besides safe driving measures, which include traffic safety.

Operational Aid: Volvo supports its customers through numerous programmes like workshop, product training, parts support and technical advice.

Bottom line: Volvo buses have played a major role in the progress of the road transport facility in the country. Since its arrival on the Indian roads, Volvo buses have truly given us swift and on-time travel, besides comfort and safety. So, the next time you plan to go on a vacation, think of travelling by a Volvo bus and enjoy the magnificent view outside through its huge glass panels. Whether it is sunny outside or pouring, you will love being in the cozy confines of the bus.

What is your Volvo bus experience? Share your story with us. To know more about Volvo buses, log in to www.volvobuses.com

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