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tgblog Feb 02 2017

How to pack light for a trip

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The new age traveler lives and travels with the mantra “travel light”. Most of us find it difficult to pack light simply because of the ‘what if’ scenarios that we carry in our mind. Packing light is actually not as difficult as it may seem when you first start with it.   It is a boon when you travel light, especially if you have to carry and manage your own luggage throughout the trip.

Buy the right luggage piece

Forgo the heavy and large sized suitcases and opt for new generation light weight pieces that are smaller than what you think you will need. A smaller bag will force you to start the elimination process.

Minimum/right clothes

If you are travelling for less than a week, carry only one pair of jeans. Allow yourself a second pair only if you travel for more than a week. Choose clothes that you can mix and match to create different looks rather than carry separate outfits. Pack only for a week even when on a long trip. Wash your clothes or get them laundered. Wear your boots and heavy coats rather than pack them into your luggage. When on road trip or travelling for long periods choose poly-cottons, merino wools and other smart materials that wash and dry easy, can be worn several times before having to be washed and ironed, don’t show stains and are easy to maintain on the whole.

Pack smart

Remember folded clothes occupy less space than wads and when rolled even less. Pack vertically for maximum utilization of space and easy access to all your clothes when travelling. With vertically packed clothes it will be easier for you to discern if they go together (to provide maximum combinations), and remove those which stand out. Use aids like packing cubes and compression bags for maximum stuff in minimum space. Carry and use rubber bands to fold and roll clothes tighter.

Minimum toiletries

Carry only travel sized toiletries even when travelling for longer periods. You can always buy them at your destination. They are easily available in most places. This translates into not carrying bulky bottles and tubes and lugging them around.


You really don’t need to carry these especially if you plan to stay in hotels or even hostels. They are easily available complimentary or for a minimum rent. Towels can be bulky and difficult to launder and dry. If you really must carry a towel, choose the thinner Indian towels to avoid bulk and weight.


Your phone can actually carry a lot. Use apps instead of carrying guides and maps. The phone easily replaces your camera, books and magazines. When travelling abroad remember to carry a 3-way splitter and a multi-country adapter to keep your electronics juiced.

Collapsible duffle or bag

Pack a collapsible bag at the bottom of your luggage, so that you may have extra space later when you want to carry home curios and souvenirs. It can also prove handy for keeping dirty clothes separately.

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