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tgblog May 05 2017

How Far Can You Travel With 10k?

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Cozy weather and blood- curdling destinations are the two prime parameters deciding our travel visits but what stop us back are the monetary issues. Whenever we hear about vacationing or holidaying, we get to see two kinds of people; one who plans very early in their journey and the other who waits till the last for their last minute deals or offers and for all the latter travellers here is your best option as TicketGoose which is India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has released its mind- blowing summer offers that will just take your breath away! For more details regarding this, do visit ticketgoose.com. With fares comfortably set, you might be wondering about the destination to choose for your budget. Here I have enclosed destinations that would come under 10k;

  1. Kodaikanal

If you are thinking of beating the heat of the city, then this place will be your ideal retreat with lush greenery around, scenic valleys and gushing waterfalls to chill upon. Located in the Dindigul district, you can explore the Coaker’s Walk, Kodai Lake, and Pillar Rocks to make your trip refreshing.

Hotel Rent: Per day; 2000. Best Hotels that can be chosen could be Hotel Green Park, Paradise Resort.

Food and Transport: 2000 per head. Cherish your cuisines at Eden Paradise and Cloud Street.

Total Budget: For two days, approx- 8000.

  1. Coonoor

Also known as a little Scotland or the cousin of Ooty is a relishing weekend getaway with your desired ones. Famous for trekking, hiking and exploring the greenery around, this place is one of the blessings for the travelers. Being just 20km from Ooty, after a day’s stay in Coonoor, you can plan your visit to Ooty as well.

Hotel Rent: Per day; 1200-2500. Best Hotels that can be chosen could be Tea Nest, Gateway Church Hotel, and Green Pastures.

Food and Transport: 2500 per head. Cherish your favorite cuisines at La Belle Vie, Open Kitchen, and Quality Restaurant.

Total Budget: For two days, approx- 8000- 10000.

  1. Hampi, Karnataka

Located in Karnataka, it is a chance for you to go back in time to visit the ancient Vijayanagara Empire. This place is marked by its magnificent temple structures, monuments, and ruins. Not only history lovers would adore this place but would also attract sightseers and photographers.

Hotel Rent: Per day; 1500. Best Hotels that can be chosen could be Lakshmi Heritage Tourist Home and Hotel Hampi International.

Food and Transport: 1500- 3000 per head. Cherish your cuisines at Tibetan Kitchen and Mango Tree Restaurant.

Total Budget: For two days, approx- 6000- 9000.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your bookings right away!

 Note: The prices may vary according to seasons. 


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