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tgblog Aug 23 2019

How exciting can a bus ride be in India – Ticketgoose

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In this article, we will cover about booking bus tickets in India! We’ll also cover how to get around the country while on a bus and the safety tips you should know. For the intrepid backpackers, sleeper buses are the No.1 choice when wanting to save on overnight hotel costs. We’ll also advise you when to opt for a train over a bus. In India, we are always nervous about transportation. Not just safety, but the very thought of going to get bus tickets to go from point A to point B by bus or train sends shivers down our spine.

There are challenging times ahead but we Indians always have a way of making things work magically! These days, you can book a train ticket online and a bus ticket as well with TicketGoose.com The best way to get it all set up is to sign up now! If you don’t set up an account with TicketGoose then you need to book in little side-street shops as you travel. You’ll have to decide between local and sleeper buses for your trips. 



How to travel within a budget in India

We always take sleeper trains and buses to keep us on a budget. Trains are usually economical for overnight travel if you choose a sleeper class or second class. Local buses are just as cheap as well. But when booking through Hebron Travels it won’t be local, it’ll be a “sleeper” bus. So, if you are planning a budget to go to the bus stop the day of the travel then just get a ticket rather than a sleeper bus. It was like a kid’s school bus, but so full that when going around turns in the Himalayas, half the bus had to get off so we didn’t tip over or get stuck. While freezing cold, the people hanging outdoors let the wind come in full blast. Lesson learned.

Budget travels - Ticketgoose

Go local or sleeper while booking a bus 

I do prefer trains for comfort, but in most instances, it was more convenient to travel by bus. While in Rajasthan, the sleeper buses would typically leave from nearby locations, and one would have to take a 20-30 minute rickshaw ride to catch a train. Another example is, in Himachal Pradesh in November, trains aren’t always possible, neither are sleeper buses. It is local buses all the way!.

If you wish to go totally local and in the cheapest way possible, then why not just go to the bus stand and buy a ticket…but you will get any bus ticket offers. Most of the time, they won’t even let you buy ahead – you will only need to show up fresh when the bus is there and buy it from the driver’s helper-man/handyman. It also transpired a couple of times that you may have to pay a bit more than other people going to the same place. 

When traveling by bus locally, you must be aware of when to get off to switch buses during the journey. You’ll likely switch throughout the night and may have to end up waiting hours for your next connecting bus. 

Sometimes you may be lucky to get a seat, other times there are none assigned and you might have to make do withstand. Even though, local buses might give you a ticket and “seat”, it is quite a lucky thing for you, if you get a seat.

Budget travels - Ticketgoose

What you can expect on a sleeper bus

You will pay a tip for the driver to put your bag in the bottom of the bus and just hope that it actually makes it to your destination. I have never had problems and don’t hear many stories about thieves on sleeper buses in India like you would in SE Asia. Sometimes there is no “bottom” and you can keep it in your sleeper. Other times, they put it on top. It never looks like they have enough straps for that so I always worry it’ll fall off! Obviously, keep all valuables and paperwork on you.

So, the next time you have a long bus ride or train journey coming up, don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your best face and gear up for a joy ride. Book your travel tickets at TicketGoose.com for exciting offers. We are committed to taking you places to go beyond the journey so, download the app here

Happy holidays folks!


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