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tgblog Jul 24 2019

How cricket is the soul of everyone’s childhood memories

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That one day I can never forget, that day is attached with my childhood memory, when I went downtown with my father for the first time in my life. I was seven year old, my father asked me, and I still remember those word, whenever I want I can take myself there. It was a Tuesday in summer and the weather was very pleasant by chance, my father took off from his office he asked me in the morning,” hi I am going to downtown you want to come?”, I just woke up, so I was sitting in a very crippled way on the chair, but as soon as I heard the name of downtown my eyes popped up, because I never saw the downtown before.

I remember, I suddenly jumped from the chair, and said yes sure, and my father laugh loud on action, he said,” ok you 30 minutes to ready”, and I ran to my mother to please make me ready. Going to downtown is sound as very fun, but for me it was very attractive , because I never saw the downtown before in back home when I was very young. In our back home the main food street is very close to downtown where people came from far to enjoy the food, because all the famous food store and traditional food makers have their shops there, and I was the food loving kid.

In fact, I am still a food loving person, well I will call it “journey of downtown”, because for me it was a journey. We came out from our home, I was sitting in the car and my neighbor asked me while she was pouring the plant pots with water,” where are going”, and I answer her with very energetic way by shaking my hold body, and showing her my interest ” I am going to downtown with my father” she laugh loud as on me, and she said” ok well enjoy your first visit”. we set in car my father started to tell me the averment of downtown like; it looks good ,but it is a fast place, so I don’t lose his hand, stay close with him, and don’t touch anything like that.

First, we went to the bank where my father had to go for some work , it took a little long in bank, after we came out , and my father took me in airline office from he bought the airline tickets for his weekend flight. When we came out from the   airline office my father said to me,” ok now from where you want start?, you want to eat first or you want to go to places first?.” I told him that I want to see the biggest building of the down town,” he smiles” and said “ok”, we started walking, and I started questions about everything which I see after other, and he answered all my questions after each one.

Soon, we came to that building ,it was a bank building, the first word came out from my mouth was” waooo”, because I never saw that big construction very close. Then my father took me into that building, that bank building have a museum as well. I saw so many things over there. When we finish from there my father took me into a traditional juice shop, where I saw the old way to take out the sugarcane juice, by using the hand operated machine, that shop was very big, and very clean and looked like a five star juice restaurant. We set there, as soon as we set there the guy came to us, and asked very nicely about our self, and then asked,” what we would like to take today”, my father ordered a mango shake and I order sugarcane juice.

That was the first time I was treated to the sugarcane juice, and it was very good, is because that was very fresh they were making some attractive juices behind the glass to get customer attraction. After we came out from there we want to down town library, too see the old book. In the path I saw some homeless people for the first time in my life we spend one hour in that library, I checked 10 percent of library in hour, because that library was very big, from there we came out and head to ministry house where the Governor’s office, and after that my father took me to a market where all stores were selling pets, I saw many animals there which I never saw on tv, we stop on every big store for window shopping and I enjoyed that very much.

After visiting all the shops we saw a shop who was selling only cats. I went there and saw two kitten I asked to my father that can he please buy these two for me. First my father tried to convince me, that mother will get angry, because she doesn’t like mass at home, but after my nonstop insist he bought those, and the shopkeeper gave a cage for them, and told me how to train them. After that long day my father took me to a restaurant where we handed over my pets cage to the person who was standing at the door to welcome customers. There we sit in corner table my father asked me,” ok boy now tell me you like downtown?” I said yes, but it’s not that good that I was thinking my father smile, and explain me the purpose of downtown, in the meantime a guy showed up for order we order Chinese food over there and I told him to please bring me soup first.

After that late lunch we came back home, and I was kind of confused about what will happen when my mother will see those kittens, but when we came back home I left the cage in garage and I appear with father, my mother welcome me with love and asked, “ok tell me what you did?”, I told her all the fun and kept the shopping part hidden to her, ones I felt that mother is happy I asked her “mom can I tell me something, but you have to promise me you will not get angry?”, she said ,”what’s going on?”

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I said again same thing and she smiled and said “ok”, after seeing her loving soft heart I told my mother please close your eyes and don’t open until I tell you, she smiled and said,”What’s going on?” my father said with hidden smile,” I don’t know you have to see”, after she closed her eyes I run into garage and bring the cage, before I told her to open her eyes kittens told her to open her eyes by their voices. My mother opened her eyes quickly and said “really” I put the cage down and went straight to her feet and start bagging, but my mother surprised me by showing her love and soft nature, she said bring the cage close to me, and she said these are very cute, but I have to take care there thing; like there food and all the needs. that was my one of my great days which I can never forget.

Hope you had a good time reading the blog and have become better informed about the TGPL game. If you have any doubts, do please  write to us and we will have them clarified for you! Keep playing and keep winning TGPL. Cheers!

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