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tgblog Oct 19 2019

Horror to be Haunted – TicketGoose

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Can you guess what I am gonna say? Yup!  Its all about scary house stories, Excited or frightened? Either people believe in ghosts or not, but some people get panic about hearing the word ghost and  It’s only one life, we are going to live once,.


Brij Raj Bhavan

Brij Raj Bhavan is a palace located in Kota, Rajasthan; it’s an old palace constructed in the 19th century is known to be the place of harmless ghosts. The ghost in this place will walk in the corridors and slap the defenders when they are sleeping. Its a kinda god ghost which slaps the people who are sleepy. So be ready to visit this ghost without sleeping.


Many agitated and unsatisfied souls are wandering in this area because a large number of deaths happened due to the tsunami in the year 2004. These spirits rule the area and haunt this place and they roam for the fresh blood of the people, this is the belief of the local people in that area.

Fern hill hotel

Fern hill hotel is famous during the shoot of Bollywood movie-“Raaz”.This hotel has closed due to the expansion of darkness in the hotel. One of the shooting crew stayed in the hotel woke up one night on hearing the noise of the displacement of appliances on the first floor of the hotel. They tried to escape but the phone line got dead and the next day they complain to the receptionist and they found that the first floor was missing. They got scared and ran away from the place and they realized it was haunted by a ghost.

If you believe in life you must believe in death, and if you believe in death believe in ghosts. So be ready to visit these thrilling places, means book your tickets online in ticketgoose.com and experience the thrilling moments.

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