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tgblog Dec 13 2019

Himachal Pradesh – TicketGoose

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“Hard to reach and hard to leave”-Deep valleys pulling you on one side and the other side the chain of mountains with a snow-capped on the whole mountains resembles the white blanket covering and this view makes everyone for a breathtaking moment in a heavenly bound that makes everyone to head to this place. Be a wanderlust to travel across several destinations, and you should lead your life for collecting as many memories. Himachal Pradesh is one of the long-lasting destinations where you could enjoy as much as you can even having a single cup of tea maters over here coz you will feel about nature predicts.


“Nature is a lost world, You deserve it”

You will be getting bored on exploring skies and road, keep a full stop and head to hunt in snows with the tranquility of wooded valleys get melted on the mesmerizing view in Himachal Pradesh and anguish about your stay in Himachal Pradesh? Ticketgoose is there to take care of your stay, book your hotels online in ticketgoose.com and have the finest stay.

Shimla and Manali                                                               

People will be so romantic but do you know the place which makes all to be romantic? Yup! it’s Shimla and Manali, it attracts and pulls the people towards Manali and Shimla, if not you should step into this place or else it would be a trap in your life.

Manki Point, Kasauli

Nuzzled in the foothills of the Himalayan range nothing else would be the choice for nature lovers because its a paradise for nature lovers, it is the highest point where the open skies speak with a panoramic view of glistening Sutlej river as the flows into the plains realize to feel a paradise.

Khajjiar Lake

If you have a dream to head to Switzerland, you don’t want to step to miles to reach there, coz it’s here in Himachal Pradesh. This offers a different combo of the flow of lake, forest, and meadows and if you are here don’t miss to visit Khaji Nag temple, it was raised up in the 12th century owes with a lord of serpents from which the name is derived as Khajjiar. Don’t you feel fascinated by these places? If so get into Himachal Pradesh to hunt all these places once in a lifetime, coz all adventures have secret destinations, where all the peoples are unaware.

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