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tgblog Aug 09 2017

Heading to beach? Have these in your backpack!!!

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Beach ImageBe it any time of the year; spring or autumn, beaches have been one’s all-time favourite. For few it is a break from their regime life while for the rest it is a soulful feel on sensing serenity around. The gushing sound of waves lashing over one another with the potent breeze tickling your face and waving every strand of hair ought to make you astounding and with your bookings already done in ticketgoose.com, your next dreaded task is going to be packing. With your excitement level soaring up, you may miss out some beach items which you would land up buying in local stores.

So, here’s a checklist on beach items for you to help pack your things ideally;

  1. Sunscreen

The prime and the most needed item could also be called as a “Jewel in Pouch” is sunscreen. Make this your travel buddy and forget to not use this throughout the journey. How much ever you get yourself soaked up in sun, an ideal ailment is mandatory and see to it that you buy the best brand of lotion, may be SPF 50+.

  1. Flip-flops

If it is sunny out there, then a convenient must-wear casual shoe has to be flip-flops. A walk in the sand wearing heels or bellies would look like an inverted cone. Do not forget to have a pair of two always in your beach bag.

  1. Attire

Your attire matters the most, loose fitted clothes, either cotton or linen fabric can give you the convenience which tight fitted jeans and tshirts wouldn’t. Also, keep in mind not to overpack as  keep room for a little shopping as well. If you are sure to dip yourself in the water, then carry a pair or swim-suit and two bath towels; one to sit on and the other to wipe yourself.

  1. Sunglasses

With the ozone layer depleting fast, direct sun’s UV rays can be harmful, so always wear sunglasses with larger frames whenever you go out as a source of protection.


Wherever you head to, try not to miss it and with offer of Rs.300 cashback in TicketGoose wallet going on, get on your wheel only by booking bus tickets at ticketgoose.com.

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