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tgblog Nov 15 2017

Head to Sirigao (Goa) to watch The Fire Walk Festival!

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Ignitun Chalna

Of all the quaint churches built by the Portuguese and the captivating wildlife sanctuaries, this dotted state in the nation speaks loud about its pristine shores, sandy beaches, late-night party hubs and the beaming cultural extravaganza in the Goa Carnival. Well, well, well, apart all these, there is one more thing that differentiates this tiny town from the rest and that is the Sirigao festival celebrated every year in the month of May. “The Walking through the Fire” as translated from Konkani for Igitun Chalna can be seen in the temple of Sirigao which is about 30 km from the capital; Panjim.


What’s behind this?

Igitun Chalna is one of the several festivals celebrated every year with a great merriment showing their devotion and faith to the Goddess Lahrai, who’s their prime deity. The past states that Lahrai along with her six sisters and one brother came from Bengal and settled here. Thus, the devotees and tourists throng into the temple of Sirigao, Goa to take part and view the courageous legs walking on the burning coal. This festival takes place in the late evening and which is thereby followed by a celebration in the true Goan style.

How to head there?

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Where to Stay?

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