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tgblog Nov 14 2018

Happy Children’s Day! Celebrate it your Way!

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wish the kids on Children’s Day? Your own childhood isn’t it? And how you have always remembered and preserved those memories well enough so that you can cherish it the moment you wish to. Amazing is it not! Kids, though mischievous are the best gifts one can ever have and their innocence, their fights, their games and the way they look into the mirror are few things which you cannot stop admiring. Do you ever miss being that little kid who used to jump on the bed despite getting shouting from mom or play all day long without worrying about what’s next?

If so then it is time that you bring out the tiny bud that’s buried somewhere deep down in your soul and let some craziness happen. So, what say? This November 14th let’s celebrate our long-lost childhood and light a ray of charm to let the kid in you bump out. When you have planned to let the tiny kid inside you breathe, there is a plenitude of things to do that were once restricted, but it’s time now to relish on all those and bring back that long gone smile. Thus, try out these to make a difference in your adulthood, starting right with;

Head to an Amusement Park- it was all a different show when our parents used to take us to the amusement park. Either we would sit in the small rides and give out an expression of riding in a giant coaster or just stare at the laughter of others. But, let me tell you, now is the right time to shout out your lungs and go crazy. Buy popcorn and candy bars to give a final touch to the trip. Better not go alone as you would miss the real fun.
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Either Break a Window Pane or Ring a Doorbell- be it anything, both are considered as equally mischievous and it’s a die-hard chance to do it once again. Though this act might seem annoying to your neighbors, do not forget that it’s Children’s Day- the most awaited day. Do work in teams (obviously with the kids) coz only then would you understand the true meaning of teamwork and fun.

Colour or Draw as much as you Can- remember the days when we use to grab our sketch pens, color pencils, watercolors and drawing note whenever we used to get time. Yup, the time has come to take back all those from the bag and start painting all over again. Give life to your drawings and see what the other kids can do in their artwork.

Well, well, well, stop thinking and plunge into action. Be happy, be childish and make this day the most memorable day of your life.

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