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tgblog Sep 01 2014

Grooming Young Minds for the Future!

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It is often said that practice makes a man perfect. One grows up with continuous lectures from parents as well as teachers on this ‘practice’, especially in relation to mathematics. As time passes by and we grow up as students, we realize how true this is. A long or continuous session of theory lectures and explanations turn futile, unless demonstrated properly. At TicketGoose.com, we stress on this value and try to help others too.

With growing popularity in many areas, we are always growing as a brand. Many youngsters, especially from Tamil Nadu, are inquisitive about the organization and its functioning. It is also well-known that presentations, whether plain oral or PowerPoint can tremendously benefit others as well as the presenters. With this idea and approach, TicketGoose.com organized an industrial trip for students of the reputed Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. This way, the motive was to learn both ways (from an employee’s perspective as well as a student).

It was a good effort on the part of the college authorities and faculty to have brought in students of the 3rd semester (2nd year) with the idea of ‘catch them young’ in helping them come to terms with the industry. With young SEO (search engine optimization) professionals at work as well as preparing a presentation, the enthusiasts were definitely looking forward to it. The presentation began with the explanation of important factors when it comes to maintaining a travel website – website architecture, SEO on-page, off-page techniques, how to make use of social media channels –not with boring technical details, but in terms which combines essential technicality and simple language.

Marketing was not off the table of course. Why TicketGoose.com and not others, was explained in details. At the end of it all, pupils were asked to like the Facebook page of the website voluntarily. Since we value suggestions, a couple of cubicles were evacuated and kept ready with worksheets to take up suggestions on new routes which are not being covered now. Feedback was also taken on how the website looks to them.

Since we deal with bus tickets, hospitality comes naturally to us. Arrangements were made for all students and faculty to have snacks before the two sessions began in batches. Care and courtesy were maintained in such a way that not only they will be inspired to book with TicketGoose.com, but will inspire others too to do the same.

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