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tgblog Jan 12 2018

Goa- The Dotted Gem of Southern India!

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A majestic place resembling more to a magical land where one can easily get them indulged on sight-seeing dolphins to purchasing accessories from flea market to partaking in bang on water games like water rafting can be seen in only one place and that’s Goa- also known the “Venice of the East”. From rich and bizarre culture to cobalt beaches to finger-licking seafood, Goa is a hub for excitement, especially Scuba Diving. A visit to this place is like a ritual to be followed for the younger youths of this time. So, do not take a laidback chance in the vibe of Goa. When you are here, do try out these things;

1. Windsurfing-

One of the exciting and best sports to be cherished for a lifetime. Rather than taking a sunbath on the beach and a cocktail in a hand, discover the real fantasy of windsurfing clutching tightly on the ring. Though it would seem a little tough I bet you would feel like the wind standing on the boat gliding through the waters with the soothing wind lashing your soul. Amazing isn’t it? Who knows trying this can turn it to be your most- desired talent?

2. White Water Rafting-

Goa is known for its serene beaches and white water rafting may seem no option but maneuvering the raft on the tough tide or the puffed-up river altogether makes an unforgettable experience. If its monsoon time, then think not and head straight to this place as the intensity is known to be at a peak at this time. Take a new turn from your humdrum custom and try something new to give life to your camera as well.

3. Scuba Diving-

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving is yet another sport that can truly match your experience in identifying the marine life deep under the sea in its natural habitat. Did you ever wonder that you could get a chance to see the marine life very close to you under water? This is possible in Goa, there is a hefty number of Scuba Diving instructors but you need to choose the right one. If you are clueless, then you can browse through the websites as they hold a lot of information on which instructor to choose.

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