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tgblog Dec 31 2019


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“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

― Oprah Winfrey

 Every New Year is a new opportunity for us. Some years would be hard, some would be easy, some years would feel like decades, some years would end in a whiff, but one thing which we carry forward every time is “hope” & “memories”. When we are satisfied with the current year, we would expect it to continue the following year, else we wish for a better year! These expectations are dictated by the experiences we faced that year!

Memories are the marker for past & Hope is the marker for the future. Each year is a personal coach for us. We are introduced to new things, people, technology, lifestyle and unique life experiences. We meet new people with no expectations. The meeting would be like just a normal day. Ah, we are meeting just an another person! But looking back at that very moment, after years, we would be stunned how much changes that single had brought in our life, we had never expected that person to bring a change to our lives. Each and everyone would have faced such a situation! That year would be an year of remembrance! Past years are sketched in our memory as a packet of events! 2015? Year when i graduated from college, Started my career, met my friends, bought a new phone and happy life! How about 2016? Year when I quit my job to pursue higher studies, bidding goodbye to new friends, Phone got broke, moving to new city to begin a new life.

So each and every year is nothing but a collection of events and those events are the identifier of that year. We anticipate new year with expectations but much of our expectations wouldn’t come true. We hope them to come true, but every time we will be fooled, still we keep on hoping. That’s what feul us, doesn’t it? Even the superman’s “S” stands for hope. Keep hoping, next year may not be your year, but it is a step closer to your dreams and hope will keep your dreams burning deep inside our hearts!



 Each of us have our own way to celebrate new year. Some of us would sit in home and watch TV show or movies, others would make plans. Some of us would celebrate new year by staying at home, relaxed and watching some sitcoms. Some would go for long drives. Long drives are total fun when you have a gang of 3-4 friends! Driving is a type of relaxation! Imagine a long lone road with our favourite songs to keep us company. It is a pure bliss! It will take us to a state of peace and calmness will engulf completely! Some would go to parties or beach! For them new year is all about socializing with people and spreading joy! We would get to meet new people, have fun, listen to everyone’s stories. In out doors, people would send lanterns up the sky. Before last 30 seconds, people will countdown for that very second. After that all you will hear is “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Those screams of joy would resonate within our ears throughout.

Kids enjoy new year in a different way. They would roam the city until their curfew. Once returning, it is then a train of calls to their friends, talking to each and everyone how their year went by! My personal best was when me & my friend went for a very long drive. After returning home, me & two of my friends kept chatting until it was midnight! Many would go to church for servicing and spending time with god! That is a lighter way to enjoy the Christmas and the very feel of being blessed would be really satisfying and it would give a fell of time well spent!

As the new year is just a week ahead, it is time for you to keep your hope & spirits high and welcome the new year with a vim and vigor!

Happy New year 2019




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