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tgblog Dec 04 2019


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Your assumption of God’s Own Country is only Nature crawls everywhere? If so it’s obviously wrong, to enjoy nature there are some surprising activities that you would be overwhelmed. Try out these following activities like Parasailing, Bamboo rafting, Chembra peak, Paragliding in Kerala and get exposure in nature and save the memories that will be treasured you all times. Ready to start your travel? If so Head to these places in Kallada travels online in ticketgoose.com that is said to be the vast portal for bus bookings in the travel industry.



How about your ambiance on having a melodramatic view of the Arabian Sea, Wanna experience right? Yup, head to Payyambalam beach of God’s own country, by visiting this stunning beach with the turquoise water of great tides and indulge in a Parasailing ride and fly up to 300-500 feet and enjoy like a flying bird and make your worries to fade away.

Bamboo Rafting In Periyar national park

If you want to delight the charming wildlife of Periyar National Park in their most natural habitat, then you should start Bamboo rafting in Periyar Lake and if luck favors on, you can sight some animals when they arrive to fulfill their thirst in the lake. Hence, this bamboo rafting appeals to maintain fitness and you can opt for these gripping activities.

Chembra Peak

Visualize a heart-shaped lake on the crest of the hill if the visualization should become true then join the Chembra peak trek. The Chembra peak is a unique peak that is a high altitude peak with a heart shaped makes all to wonder awe-inspiring natural wonder this place is! Pristine snow melt blue water fills this lake making it so gorgeous; it’s just pure bliss.

Paragliding in Vagamon

Get excited by opening your wings to heights and start exploring skies by undertaking Paragliding in Vagamon. You can feel awesome under the blue canopy of the gorgeous skies of Vagamon. Don’t miss for Paragliding if you are there in Vagamon and put up your fears.  

Ready to try out these surprising activities, head to Kerala and explore these activities by fading your fears and worries in this chaotic life.

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