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tgblog Dec 01 2018

From Manchester to the Silicon city

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Not all places makes a scar in our minds. There are only some that we really enjoy and admire and those places never fail to fascinate us. Naturally, we fall in love with such places and those places make our journey memorable. South-India, is known for its tradition and culture and the state Tamilnadu is known for its rich and varied heritage. How about making a trip from Tamil Nadu to the most romantic state Karnataka? The very thought bring about a joy, isn’t it? Come, let’s explore the places by booking online bus tickets in ticketgoose.com .

The third largest city in the state and also known as the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore enjoys a very pleasant climate sheltering itself in the rain  shadow regions of the Western Ghats. This city earlier was called as Kongu-Nadu and when this fell in the hands of British, the name was changed to Coimbatore.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

With a very pleasant climate, this place has got the best level of grasslands and is the heaven for the animals sheltering here. With well maintained surrounding, this place has always been in the list of Places of Interest by the people. People who visit Coimbatore never come without visiting this park. The habitations include Sambhar deer, Giant elephants and squirrels along with sounds of birds chirping around.


RS Puram Market

Do you love street shopping?, then this is the best place. The best quality of handmade jewels and clothing are cheap and best. Thanks to the connectivity from the city because if there is absence of connection, then the places will always remain unknown. The best time to visit is during the festive season and that is when the true colour of the city is known.

And now, about the city of romance.

Bangalore, the official name of this city, is the capital of Indian state Karnataka. It has population over 10 million and ranks second  in the fastest growing metro-polis major cities of India. Though the unprecedented growth of IT has reshaped this city, this whimsical city has never failed to leave a permanent mark on the hearts of the visitors who visit it and still a dreamy place for many others.


Starting from the green grasslands locations such as Cubbon park, Lal bagh gardens and Bannergatta National park to the  busiest roads of  M.G Lane and markets and final destination to the Night world that exist there are all the factors that makes the city an ‘Utopian destination‘. Then visit such beautiful and contrary places. Hurry-up and book tickets online  in the Ticketgoose.com which is said to be India’s largest online booking portal and make your travel worth experiencing.

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