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tgblog Jul 28 2014

Frolicking on the Tannirbhavi Beach

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The city of Mangalore in Karnataka, which is about 300 km from Bangalore, has numerous beaches that are still untouched. Coupled with the salivating sea food and the mouth-watering Mangalorean cuisine, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway. I love going to this lovely city just for its beaches and I never get bored of them. The Tannirbhavi Beach in Perambur is my favourite, as this 2-km stretch beach is not crowded even during the peak season; giving you the feeling of a private beach.

To reach this beach located about 11 km away from the city, you will have to travel on a ferry from Sultan Battery or hit the road via the Edapally-Panvel Highway that will take you through the picturesque Mangalore Port. You can also take a state-run or a private bus to this area.

Look out for the Watch Tower at Sultan Battery

En route to the beach, stop by at Sultan battery. The first thing you will notice here is the colossal watch tower. You might mistake it for a fort initially, but as you draw closer to the massive structure, you realise what it actually is. Built by Tippu Sultan in 1784 with black stones, this watchtower was mounted with cannons around its perimeter to check the entry of English warships from entering the Gurupur River.

Courtesy: www.mangaloreindia.com - Sultan Battery Watchtower

Courtesy: www.mangaloreindia.com – Sultan Battery Watchtower

It is said that there is a secret tunnel near this structure that leads to Tippu Sultan’s Srirangapatnam Fort. The view from the watchtower overlooking the Tannirbhavi Beach and the Arabian Sea is breathtakingly beautiful. I sat there for an hour or so, just enjoying the view. The fishing boats moored on the shore make the seascape even more alluring.

A ferry to ferry you across

The ferry ride from Sultan Battery to Tannirbhavi Beach on the other side of Gurupur River was fun. At the landing pier there were small crabs scurrying about. There is a beautiful church on the way where you can have some quiet moments before you hit the beach.

Courtesy: rajeshchaurasia.blogspot.com - Sunset at Tannirbhavi Beach

Courtesy: rajeshchaurasia.blogspot.com – Sunset at Tannirbhavi Beach

The waves were surging towards me but I went ahead and enjoyed the cool and soothing sea water. This beach is ideal for those who like to be in less crowded places. You can just sit back and enjoy a good picnic with your family without being bothered about the onlookers, as you will hardly find any. It is serene except for the occasional roaring sound of the huge waves. A few shacks along the beach road offersome delicious seafood. So, isn’t good food along the quiet beach reason enough for you to visit this beach, the next time you are in Mangalore? The water activities too will keep you on your toes, if you are interested in water sports.

When to Visit

The best time to visit this place would be during the winter when you can go far into the sea and jump with the waves. Monsoon season makes it very beautiful, but the sea gets rough and you might not be allowed to venture far by the life guards who constantly monitor your step.

Where to Stay

Mangalore has plenty of hotels to suit the pocket of each one of you. So, whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or a budget one, you will find them all.

Next time you travel to Mangalore, make sure you visit the Tannirbhavi Beach and enjoy a day amidst the quiet surroundings. To book your tickets for Mangalore, log on to TicketGoose.com.

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