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tgblog May 28 2018

Fresh Sights of 2018!

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From Goa that is undoubtedly known as the erratic beauty of the South with a sturdy number of cerulean beaches and late-night parties to Kerala; God’s Own Country that’s a marvel on the stunning landscapes of the backwaters to the beautifully nestled lush greeneries of the Western Ghats and near the pearl of the ocean; Alleppey, the same tale keeps on rewinding and why do you have to when we have come up with some of the fresh sights of this year that can keep the wanderlust burning in you. Head on to an exotic destination anywhere now with ticketgoose.com’s Outstation Taxis; India’s leading online bus ticket booking portal that takes you places;

1. Patan, Gujarat-

The erstwhile capital of Gujarat, Patan is famous for its Patola Sarees and magnificent archaeology that beholds the eyes of many. Once a capital city is now a center of tourism which has a lot of delightful travel experiences to offer, of which Rani Ki Vav and the Sun Temple are some of the key attractions of this place. This capital city was packed full of heritage monuments all of which was ripped by the Muslim invader- Ala-ud-din-Khilji’s armies around 1300 AD. The RaniKi Vav here is a stepwell lined with images of Shiva, Vishnu, and other deities. Of these, the Jain Gyan Mandir is known to for its unique Jain manuscripts that are believed to have been written with the ink of gold. Sights of sheer history!

2. Bhandardhara, Maharashtra-

How would it be, a beautiful hill station probably a quaint one amidst verdant greenery flanked by mountain ranges on all its sides with a pristine waterfall on its one corner and mist everywhere? Wow! Yup, get to see these wonders of nature at Bhandardhara, Maharashtra that’s nestled in the Sahyadris Ranges, easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. Falls and lakes here are some of the serene attractions of this place.

3. Shivagange, Karnataka-

Shivagange could also be said a trio hillock in the outskirts of Bangalore. It got its name Trio for its scenic beauty, adventurous activities, and religious landmarks. The hillock here is itself shaped to Shiva Linga and the water pouring out of it resembles the sacred River the Ganges and thus, this hillock got its name Shivagange. Earning this promising name, there is a Nandi bull carved out of stone that’s impeccable and spectacular. If you are a resident of Bangalore then this place is your ideal weekend getaway!

So, what’s stopping you? Head on!

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