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tgblog Dec 11 2017

Feeling Chill? Head to these Destinations!

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Monsoon’s gone and winter’s started. It’s time for cool and chill breeze to soothe your dreams. Cuddling inside the blanket and taking a long nap during the daytime would make you lose the wondrous destinations out there that could give you the required warmth this winter. Surprisingly, there are hefty numbers of tourists who head to destinations like Goa to soak themselves up in the scorching sun and for the rest; it is a far-fetched trance. Why is there a delusion for the remaining lot? Might be the choice of location or the worries on their stay. Considering these aspects, TicketGoose has launched an online hotel booking facility that would give you the comfort of your home. So, to start with;


Nestled along the Coromandel Coast, this French town in the Southern state of India is one of the quaint towns to visit this season with a temperature ranging around 20 degree Celsius. Moderate isn’t it for anyone who wishes to take a sunbath with every sip of the cocktail. On a whole, spending time in this town is all very refreshing, with a lift of cafes to the beautiful beaches and French architectural buildings to adore of.

Kanha National Park- Madhya Pradesh-

Winter is the best time to visit this national park, promising our wildlife lovers to bring out the best in this trip. Also, if you have a soft luck then you can spot any one of the tigers in this park. Located very close to Jabalpur railway station, Kanha is proved to be an ecstasy for all nature lovers. Further, there are valleys and meadows that would give you a beautiful sight for photography.


With a moderate climate all- around the year, this place along the Arabian Sea welcomes tourists throughout the year. With its stupendous backwaters to lush greenery to the marvelous shores of Kovalam, Kerala is the most- visited tourist destination.

So, so, so, all ears here! TicketGoose, India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has announced its launch of a new service- online hotel booking facility with which your stay is made convenient and you can explore a lot of destinations.

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