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tgblog Mar 04 2019

Features of TGPL

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TGPL is going to start really soon. Before starting the game, you should know the features of TGPL. These features will help you to play the game efficiently. The following are the features of the game



Players: Players are the base of this game. There are two types of players 1. Star player & 2. Local player

Star player: A star player is someone who changes the dynamics of your team. The name is Star player because as per his rank (similar to army ranks), his stars increases. A star player has two things attached with him: – Star Level – Star Potential There are total 5 star levels. No player can have more than 5 star levels. The star level is the total stars your player has currently. Each player starts at star level 1, but his star level can only be upgraded to his max star potential Each Star player has “Star Potential”, this is also something a player is born with. Star potential varies form 1-5. A player having 1 star potential, can’t have more than one star level ever whereas a 5 star potential can be upgraded to 5th star level. Higher Star level determines that the player’s current power better but higher star potential means that a player can have better power if upgraded.

Local player: A local player is totally opposite to a star player. Local players can’t be upgraded and have no stars attached. They are very basic players just to fill up your team.

Each of these the players are further divided into
– Right hand batsman
– Left hand batsman
– Fast bowler
– Spin bowler

Scout: This is the base to get new Star Players. A scout means someone who can find new player for you similar to HR in a company. There will be multiple jerseys available in this page, and this jersey decides the Star potential of your new player. These activate a jersey you need fragments of this jersey, which you can collect via different sources. These fragments complete a jersey, and if you have a complete jersey, the scout will get you a player of the jersey’s star potential.

Power: Each player has power, power determines player strength. Higher power means better player. Overall, all star players power gets added to your team power, and similarly higher team power means better team. So in order to be better, keep improving your power.

Single Player Campaign: This is a campaign mode for newly joined users. There are 10 teams and user has to defeat all these 10 teams in order to unlock league(will cover it below). Each team the user defeats, the next team will be slightly stronger and gives user a mode of progression. Once he beats all teams, we know that user understands the game.

League: League is our PvP (player vs player) mode of game where 10 teams compete with each other in a span of 28 days to prove their worthiness. There are levels in league and if a user ends in top 4 positions in a league, he gets promoted. The ultimate aim is to win the “All Star League” where only the winners of top level league compete with each other and only the top in them is chosen as the best and earns the trophy of “All Star” In league users get to play 7 matches a week in a very competitive way and at the same time forms a small community for users to interact with each other.

Squad: This is a place where you can see all your star player together. It is a place where you can easily compare your star players and select which one to upgrade. From here you can see the player details as well.

Player details: From squad you can visit player details, where all the stats of the player will be shown. In this page you can see his current power, star level, star potential, training level (will cover below) and passive ability (will cover below). This is the place where you can upgrade your player to increase his power.

Training: Inside player details, you can train your player. Training increases player power. Training level is the level till which a player is trained currently. Training can be done via coins (hard currency) or by collecting training points via rewards. Once user has reached max level for his current star level, then he has to use some special items, which is called choke card, in order to upgrade his star player’s star level. Choke card also is part of rewards.

Ability: All players have some abilities attached with them. There are two types of abilities

– Passive Ability

– Special Ability

Passive ability is a boost that gets activated automatically during the match. It is conditional boost, for example if you are batting in the second innings, this player will get a boost of 10% on power. So if the condition is met, then the boost is applied. These abilities can be upgraded and you have to collect tokens through Kits to upgrade them. Special Ability is a boost that get activated based on performance of the player, and you as a manager choose when to use it during the match. For example: if the player scores 10 runs, this boost gets activated. All players have special ability but only star players have passive ability.

Quick Match: When single player campaign gets over, Quick match starts. This is also PvP but there are random teams to play with. And each win gives you a kit.

Kit: You get a kit if you win a Quick match or League match. This kit contains all kind of rewards needed to upgrade a player or get a new player.

Set line up: Once you get a player, you need to add him to your playing 11. You can access this through squad. There are parts in set line up and they are: – Add player to squad – Change batting order – Change bowling order The first step is to add the player in the squad. Once you add, based on the player type, you can decide where should he bat or what overs should he bowl.

Fixtures: Fixtures is a place where you can view your upcoming matches and your old league matches you played. You can setlineup for upcoming matches from here and even see summary of older matches.

Nick name: This is a title given to only star players based on their abilities. The nick name defines a player. Local boys do not have it. All players with same nickname will have same abilities.
Core loop:

● Quick Match: (Initially campaign mode)

● Squad (Players)

● Chest/Kits (Rewards)

● Training players

● League

Supporting Features:

● Scout (New Players)

● Set line up (Adding player to line up)

● Fixtures (Upcoming Matches)

● Passive Ability (Player based boost)

● Special Ability (Player based boost)

● Leader-board


● Tournaments

● Live ops

● Chat

Unlocking Features

Most of the features are available to user from the start of his journey: 1. Single player campaign mode 2. Squad 3. Chest/Kits 4. Training players 5. Scout 6. Set line up 7. Fixtures 8. Passive Ability 9. Special Ability 10.Leaderboard

But there are few which unlock as user progresses and these are: 1. League: Unlocks after user completes campaign mode 2. Fixtures: After user unlocks league 3. Quick match: Unlocks after user completes campaign mode 4. Tournaments: Yet to decide 5. Live ops: Yet to decide 6. Chat: Yet to decide

Our game targets the 2.5 billions cricket fans who can own and manage their own team. They take the decisions for their team and build their world class team. The flow of our game is as follows: ● The focus of user is to get the best star player and upgrade it to make it a legend ● In order to upgrade they need to collect training points and other rewards. ● To get these rewards they need to play matches and get Kits, these kits after unlocking will give them rewards. ● The ultimate aim is to be the best team out there. ● In order to be the best user needs to win the superstar league. ● For that initially he progresses through smaller leagues and shows his potential to progress/promote to higher league. ● The journey is long and holds the user till the end


The game tutorial focuses on the core loop and making user habitual to fact that he needs to collect players and upgrade them in order to win. The core loop is

– Play match

– Collect Rewards (upgrades and new players)

– Upgrade players

Things that can be done with 4500 coins (Rs 450 IAP)

Currently you can use coins for two things:

1. To upgrade your player

2. To open chest early

If you upgrade your player, you can fully upgrade a 1 star player to max level, or upgrade higher star players to level 11 at one go. Basically increasing his power by 85 units. In case you opt to open chest, you can open 9 chests without waiting a moment and get the rewards like training points and you will collect enough fragments to scout another 1-3 star players. So basically adding one more player to your squad and get some upgrade value as well.

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