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tgblog Mar 04 2019

FAQs on TGPL Game – General & Features

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TGPL – Ticketgoose Premier League has been announced. Now, there are many doubts and questions are floating around TGPL and its game play. So let us see some frequently asked questions and get a better clarity on the game.


FAQ’s on general aspects of the game

1. What is TGPL?

Ans: The TGPL is an online multiplayer mobile cricket strategy game. It will start parallel to IPL 2019. In the game, you can become a owner of a team, buy and sell players, train them, improve their skills, play practice matches, compete your team with your friends and relatives. You can become what you have dreamt about cricket! The more you train the team, the better the chance of winning the game

2. Who can play TGPL?

Ans: The TGPL game can be played by anyone who owns Android or apple devices.

3. Do the game have any qualifications to join the game?

Ans: There is no qualification required to join and participate in the game.

4. Where Can I get the application?

Ans: For android users, The game can be downloaded from clicking the “TGPL banner” placed in ticketgoose.com, or m.ticketgoose.com or the banner in the ticketgoose application.

For ios devices, the game can be downloaded from the apple app store.

5. Do I need to pay to download or join the game?

Ans: No. The game is free to play and no amount of money is required to pay.
Some FAQ’s on the features of the game

1. How can we access player details?

Ans:  From squad you can visit player details, where all the stats of the player will be shown. In this page you can see his current power, star level, star potential, training level and passive ability (will cover below). This is the place where you can upgrade your player to increase his power.

2. What is Training?

Ans:  Inside player details, you can train your player. Training increases player power. Training level is the level till which a player is trained currently. Training can be done via coins (hard currency) or by collecting training points via rewards. Once user has reached max level for his current star level, then he has to use some special items, which is called choke card, in order to upgrade his star player’s star level. Choke card also is part of rewards.

3. What does a kit contain?

Ans:  The kit contains all kind of rewards needed to upgrade a player or get a new player.

4. What are the features that are available from the start of the game?

Ans:  Most of the features are available to user from the start of his journey:
1. Single player campaign mode
2. Squad
3. Chest/Kits
4. Training players
5. Scout
6. Set line up
7. Fixtures
8. Passive Ability
9. Special Ability
10. Leader board

5. What are the abilities that needs to be unlocked through progression?

Ans:  There are few which unlock as user progresses and these are:
1. League: Unlocks after user completes campaign mode
2. Fixtures: After user unlocks league
3. Quick match: Unlocks after user completes campaign mode
4. Tournaments: Yet to decide
5. Live ops
6. Chat

More FAQs on Ticketgoose Premier league are coming soon!




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