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tgblog Mar 04 2019

FAQs on TGPL Game – Features of the game

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Faq TGPL Features | Ticketgoose

Some FAQs on the features of TGPL game:

1. Can we improve the power of a player?

Ans: Each player has power, power determines player strength. Higher power means better player. Overall, all star players power gets added to your team power, and similarly higher team power means better team. So in order to be better, keep improving your power.

2. What is Single play Campaign?

Ans: This is a campaign mode for newly joined users. There are 10 teams and user has to defeat all these 10 teams in order to unlock league. Each team the user defeats, the next team will be slightly stronger and gives user a mode of progression. Once he beats all teams, we know that user understands the game.

3 What is a League?

Ans: League is our PvP (player vs player) mode of game where 10 teams compete with each other in a span of 28 days to prove their worthiness. There are levels in league and if a user ends in top 4 positions in a league, he gets promoted. The ultimate aim is to win the TGPL” where only the winners of top level league compete with each other and only the top in them is chosen as the best and earns the trophy of “Ticke Goose Trophy” In league. Users get to play 7 matches a week in a very competitive way and at the same time forms a small community for users to interact with each other.

4. What is a Squad?

Ans: This is a place where you can see all your star player together. It is a place where you can easily compare your star players and select which one to upgrade. From here you can see the player details as well.
“5. What are the types of abilities a player can have?
All players have some abilities attached with them. There are two types of abilities
– Passive Ability
– Special Ability ”

6. What is Passive ability?

Ans: Passive ability is a boost that gets activated automatically during the match. It is conditional boost, for example if you are batting in the second innings, this player will get a boost of 10% on power. So if the condition is met, then the boost is applied. These abilities can be upgraded and you have to collect tokens through Kits to upgrade them.

7. What is Special Ability?

Ans: Special Ability is a boost that get activated based on performance of the player, and you as a manager choose when to use it during the match. For example: if the player scores 10 runs, this boost gets activated.

8. Do evey player have both Passive ability & Special ability?

Ans: All players have special ability but only star players have passive ability.

9. Do players have nick names?

Ans: Nick name is a title given to only star players based on their abilities. The nick name defines a player. Local boys do not have it. All players with same nickname will have same abilities.

10. What are the formats of the game?

Ans: The formats of the game are
1. Tournament
2. Match
3. Leaderboard
4. Cash prize

11. What are the types of tournaments?

Ans: There will be three total types of tournaments, two of which will be running every week while the third tournament will be a Grand Final tournament played at the very end. They are named as 1. Daily Tournaments
2. Weekend Tournaments
3. Grand Final Tournaments ”

12. What are the uses of weekly Tournaments?

Ans: The weekly tournaments will provide the following to the users:
1.Opportunity to win real cash prize
2.Opportunity to get selected for the Grand Final tournament

13. When does Daily tournaments take place?

Ans: These tournaments will take place on weekdays which are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

14. Who can participate in Daily tournaments?

Ans: Any user can participate in these tournaments regardless of their joining date, their level in the game or any such other factor.

15. Do daily tournaments have any restrictions?

Ans: Yes. There will be a limit to the maximum strength of the teams participating in these tournaments in order to maintain the chances of winning for the weaker teams or the teams who have joined late in game.

16. What is the duration of daily tournaments?

Ans: The duration of the event will be 24 hours.

17. When will the results be declared for that day’s tournament?

Ans: The results will be declared after the deadline of the tournament.

18. When does weekend tournaments take place?

Ans: These tournaments will take place on weekends which are Saturday and Sunday

19. Is there any difference Daily tournaments and weekend tournaments?

Ans: These tournaments are similar to the Daily Tournaments with respect to the format. The difference comes in number of matches that can be played, prize distribution and rewards.

20. When does Grand Final Tournament take place?

Ans: This tournament will take place at the very last day, the 90th day

21. What will be the format of the tournament?

Ans: The tournament will follow the format of Knockouts

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