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tgblog Oct 16 2017

Experience the Thrill in these Amusement Parks!

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Bump up, bounce it, up, down, swirl and whoosh, awesome isn’t it? If vertigo-induced rides like Enterprise or Ali Baba, agitating water rides like Bumper Boats and perilous Roller Coasters do not let you lose your equilibrium then you are at the right place. Gone are the days when we used to head abroad for experiencing that so-wanted adrenaline rush. But wait, don’t book in haste coz there are certain destinations in our native India that gives you the same feel as you desire for- as good as the International ones!

So, leave behind that boring monotonous petty excursions and get ready for the roller coaster ride

Top Amusement Parks in India-

1. Adlabs Imagica


India’s largest and big-budget theme park can now be seen in Mumbai– Pune expressway that was opened in the year 2013. With over 25 themed rides including the nation’s largest roller coaster and 4D stimulation rides and five themed restaurants, this place is no less than a space for escapism and known more than a fantasy. For your enjoyment, there are aqua and snow parks too. The ticket fare varies for aqua, snow and amusement park, starting from 800-1500 rs.

2. Wonderla Bangalore


A top-notch amusement park in the Bangalore- Mysore highway that takes the breath of many, be it land rides, water rides or rides for kids, all are just too amazing. It is new, modern and clean thus making it the most attractive destination in the Southern India. If you are a water lover and love to get wet, then you ought not to miss the Rain Disco here that showers warm water according to the music played. Further, there is also a resort where you can relish your stay.

3. Essel World and the Water Kingdom

Situated in the Northwest suburbs of Mumbai, Essel World was the first amusement park of India that was started in the year 1999. Though very old in numbers, it still remains the most-liked water park for many. Here, you will find more than 30 water rides, water park, bowling alley, ice skating rink and an Aquadrome dance floor. Besides these, the one ride that none misses and the first of its kind in India is the Monster Ride.

So, which one is making you head right now?

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