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tgblog Apr 05 2014

Elegant Isuzu Buses

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With many air conditioned buses plying on Indian roads these days, there is one model which doesn’t fail to catch the attention of passersby. It is the Isuzu model which is usually characterised by its small stature, yet elegant design, seen transporting employees of IT firms. At the first glance, the vehicle looks light and cute. However, heavier vehicles are also used for inter-city journeys by well-known operators such as SRS, VRL and Sree Kaleswari Travels.

How did it start?

Based in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Isuzu was founded in 1916 by an oil and gas manufacturing company. It was renamed as Isuzu in 1934 after the river Isuzu. Over a period of years, it has grown into a major transportation brand all over the world, particularly specialising in trucks and buses.

What makes it different?

Some of the features which set the Isuzu apart from models such as Mercedes Benz and Volvo are Reverse Elliot ‘I’ Beam Section front axle and a full floating rear axle. The steering is re-circulating ball type and power-based. The fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 280 litres. Apart from these, it also has a high speed compared to other buses and even saves a few significant extra bucks when compared to contemporaries.

The biggest concern for me as a traveler is my phone running out of charge. It is a well- known fact that most buses are well-equipped with plug points to ensure that travelers are able to charge their devices properly. However, the biggest inconvenience with all of them is that they are located right next to our feet. Though within reach, things seem difficult when the person in front reclines his/her seat back to sleep, which is when one finds it impossible to reach the plug point. With the Isuzu however, the plug point is located right next to a passenger’s waist to put an end to phone-charging woes.

What to expect?

isuzu Bus

isuzu Bus

So, if you are looking for a comfortable journey and be in constant touch with your loved ones, never hesitate to take a ride with the Isuzu. Employers can also make their employees’ lives easier by providing them pick-ups and drops in this magnificent vehicle.

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