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tgblog Nov 29 2014

Egmore – Where Buses, Trains Egg Up

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Egmore is an upmarket area of Chennai, which has been popularized by a lot of Tamil movies, primarily as a railway hub. Factually too, Egmore is known more as a railway preference thanks to its iconic station. In fact, it will not come as a surprise for many if you land in Egmore when you have come up to visit the city. You will recognize it with the red railway station.

However, the area has of late been evolving as a major intercity bus hub as I have noticed during the course of my two years’ stay. With the evolution of bus services, particularly the private-owned ones, it is a well-known fact that many prefer buses to travel to cities in the region. With this phenomenon, one is always on a look-out for places which will be located well-within the city and thereby be easily accessible – unlike the ISBTs – reaching which almost tantamount to reaching an airport at times. Egmore is an area which will just fit in to your needs if you are looking for such a place.

An entrance to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station (Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia)

An entrance to the Chennai Egmore Railway Station (Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia)

Located in the heart of the city, you will never feel at sea here if you are waiting for your bus. Come here, whether by train or vehicle, you will find that the area is always busy and bustling. A lot of eateries, featuring cuisines from the Biryani to the South Indian Thalis will always keep you on your toes. Since, it is considered to be a traveller’s mecca, you will find various refreshments and mobile recharge counters too. I have seen the area as busy at 11 pm, as it can be at 7 pm.

Perhaps the most iconic landmarks, which define the locality, are St. Andrew’s church and the Egmore Railway Station. If you have enough time in hand, be sure to hire an auto (share autos are available) and visit one of the oldest shopping malls in the region – the Spencer Plaza. The Express Avenue Mall is also nearby. If you have friends, or simply willing to try out eateries, head to Nungambakkam.

St. Andrew’s Church (Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia)

St. Andrew’s Church (Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia)

Reaching this part of the city is not a problem. If you don’t like being stuck in traffic, take the suburban local train. In case you are compelled to travel by road, make sure you make an effort to reach early. The ongoing metro rail constructions may be a hindrance at times. Eat, see around and wait for your bus while at Egmore!


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