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tgblog Oct 12 2018

East Coast Expedition-Pulicat Lake

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One of the Second largest lagoons in India and it is one of the top most tourist spot in India where all can spend excellent time with family and friends and it is great to hear that the abundant of   Flamingos migrate to South India in Andhra Pradesh where they occupy the Pulicat Lake every year. One of the perfect places for Bird Watchers coz you can spot the most exciting birds like pelicans, great flamingos, King Fisher, Herons, Painted storks, Spoon bills and ducks.

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 If you are here don’t forget to opt for boating because   Boating is also famous over here, where it is said to be a lovely place for couples to spend their splendid time with their loved ones during boat ride. Make this boat journey a memorable one with your loved ones that will be cherished in your lifetime forever. Stop saving money and start collecting memories wherever you keep your footprints because your   memories speak everywhere.

“Shells sink, Dreams Float, Life’s good on boat”123

Bird Sanctuary

Mainly during the autumn and spring seasons, Pulicat Lake serves as the third biggest bird sanctuary and always the birds over here will have their own charm in the lovely morning sun with the egret waking in the marshes of Pulicat Lake will set into a beautiful frame.

Everyone believes that the story of every place adds beauty at its best, likewise the flamingo festival over here will add more enhancing loveliness to the bird watchers. This place is known as heaven for migratory birds. The scenery over here will just blow your mind and this lake is known to be one of the back water lagoon in India.pulicat1

Dutch Fort

The Dutch Fort named Geldria is located in Pulicat was the seat of the Dutch’s first settlement in India and it was built by Dutch’s East India Company in ancient period of 1613 and you can find the lighthouse nearby.


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