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tgblog Sep 28 2017

Dussehra Celebrations- Fond, Joy & Excitement!

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Usually, the end of Navratri marks the beginning of the much-awaited festival- Dussehra. From decorations and dances to fireworks and lighting, this festival has always outnumbered the rest in grounds of fondness, communal experience, and celebrations. Though named differently in different places, its commemoration digs deep for the good over the evil; be it, the victory of Goddess Durga over the buffalo Demon or the success of Lord Rama over the wicked Ravana. What may be the reason, this festivity ought not to be missed in a lifetime and in certain places of our nation, its observance goes from scanty to zenith.

Places to celebrate this festival-

1. Kolkata Durga Pooja-

Kolkata, West Bengal is said to be in glory on this day with the loud music upbringing the fervor of the festival and the joy of the common fleet dressed up in traditional attire dancing and singing. The loud music of the Shlokas sung and hummed, the hopping of the people that can be seen from one pandal to the next and the color reaching its zest adds nothing but a wow factor indeed. Also, forget not to encounter the famous Sindoor Khela where you can see married women smearing red Sindoor on one another.

2. Mysore Dussehra-

Dussehra in the Mysore city of Karnataka is bird’s eye to not to be missed with the grandeur celebration in the entire palace. One can see the entire palace decorated with lights and colors making it more extravagant. From the elephant’s procession which starts at the entrance to the Dussehra Ground, get a clear view of how this festival is celebrated.

3. Gujarat Navratri-

It is here where the entire night is commemorated with huge zeal and zest by playing Garbha, starting right from throbbing music to Dandi dance. Besides these, if you are single, then it is time for match-making. Just for fun folks!!

Being a time of religious insight that paves way for spirituality, let’s all not forget to cherish this occasion by celebrating and wishing all. Happy Dussehra!!

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