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tgblog Dec 22 2017

Don’t Miss to Cherish this Christmas!

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Wow! Finally, it’s December. The two things that will flash in our mind when we think of December are Christmas and New Year. “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingles all the way”, our favorite Santa Clause is on his way to give the happiness and humanity as a gift to each one of us. Get ready to welcome him. Even though Indians do not celebrate Christmas like the Western Countries, but they do give equal importance to other festivals of India. So, as an Indian does not spend time inside your room, come out and visit the fabulous Christmas destinations to greet Santa. Christmas is celebrated mainly for sharing your love, affection, and grace. Thus, sharing information is also part of Christmas gift; here is my gift that provides you some insights on the famous Christmas destinations in India, that are as follows;

1. Goa – Goa has a sizable population of Roman Catholic and hence Christmas is celebrated with great ecstasy. It is popularly known as The Party Capital of India where the entire state will be decorated with flowers and lights to welcome the Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve. Each and every street will have Christmas trees; midnight masses will be conducted in all the churches on the Christmas Eve. One should not miss seeing the enthralling beauty of Goa during Christmas. Some of the must-visit churches in Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus and The Kings Church.

2. Kerala – We all know that there are a huge number of churches in Kerala and hence there won’t be any question to arise about the Christmas celebrations. The total state will be celebrating the Christmas with great enthusiasm; nook and corner of Kerala will be decorated with lights and flowers, the church doors will be opened throughout the night. But Alleppey gets the highest credential in celebrating the Christmas with immense pleasure.

3. Manali – If you want to celebrate White Christmas then Manali will be the best option that’s because of it snowfalls during December and hence you can celebrate this Christmas in a completely different atmosphere. You can even enjoy my making snowman.

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Merry Christmas!! Visit not to stay but to feel the celebration.

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