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tgblog Nov 01 2018

Don’t miss this thrilling Experience in Kollimalai

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Kollimalai- Heard about this place, alright this place belongs to ghosts. Scared about the ghost? Try this thrilling experience once by heading to the ghost place Kollimalai. Other than the tragedy there is also another phase of Kollimalai, eager to know about it, Nuzzled in the beauty of mountains with hazy mountains makes our heart to feel less and where you can enjoy the peace of nature.  common let’s have a round on Kollimalai along with ghosts. Hence the best time to visit Kollimalai is from February to December. Make sure your journey by booking bus tickets online in ticketgoose.com and make your journey a special one.

                                    “Nature at its bound, explore and found an inner peace within”

Arapaleeswarar Temple

With a colorful culture that takes us back to the ancient period which is located in the Eastern Ghats, The god Lord Shiva owes and showers the blessings in the Arapaleeswarar Temple. High mountain ranges placed a temple at the top is a great view and you will also have a scenic view where you can admire from the hilltop and get your eyes cherished with nature. Every little thing matters over there, where you will be admire the view  over there.

“The sky above earth below and peace within”


Tampcol  Medicinal  Farm

The home for medicinal plants and herbs in abundance will be haunted only in Kollimali named to be Tampcol Medicinal Farm which is running by the state government of tamilnadu. When you enter into the farm the odor of medicinal herbs will ease you around. Many medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs are cultivated over here and it is used for the purpose of medicines like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani.


Botanical Garden

One of the best places to visit in Kollimalai is a botanical garden located at a distance of 3 km. The botanical garden consists of different species of flora with a coverage of rose in the garden is the main attraction of people. The children can enjoy as there is a park located over here will make more entertainment for the people who come here.


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