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tgblog Oct 18 2018

Don’t miss out the Top 3 Destinations for this Dussehra

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One of the major Hindu festivals that is celebrated for nine days in all over India that is the victory of good over evil is celebrated all over the country. For Hindus it is a most favorable time to observe fast and to perform rituals and then there are those who celebrate this festival in more unique ways that differs in various places and here are the top 3 destinations to celebrate this Dusshera! Common let’s take a glance below.

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Durga Puja- Kolkata

Kolkata’s dedicated festive mode is said to be Dussehra which is meant to be” Durga Puja” and at this time it is believed that Goddess Durga will meet her maiden home. The city is spotted fully with theme of pandals, creative idols, Colorful LED light decorations with amazing musical nights and traditionally dressed people. Here, the Durga Puja epitomizes the perfect Bengali culture in all its splendour with all activities like art, culture, music, food and even with literature.


Why you shouldn’t miss?

Pandal Hopping- Which is said to be more unique, thematic and that delivers a story.Dhaak & Dhunuchi Dances, where Dhaak represents the variation of the drum and Dhunuchi is said to be a small mud vessels that holds fire. By holding the Dhunuchi a dance is performed in the Dhaak drums.

Food Everywhere! Like all Bengali festivals this one too is all about food where you can taste all unique dishes over here.

After the festive ends the Durga Idol is immersed in the Ganges of Ganga amidst with loud cheers, fireworks and with colorful dances that makes our eyes more splendid.


Get witnessed on 400 year old festivities by stepping into Mysore during Dusshera festival   and the city comes more alive during this festival. It is celebrated for 10 long days  by the royal family of Mysore, the Wodeyars and it is celebrated more in a grand manner.


Why you shouldn’t miss?

There you can spot the Jumbo Savaari that is said to be the” Elephant Procession” that is led by decorated Royal Elephants where it starts from the Mysore palace to Dasara Parade Ground.

The visit of Mysore during this season will be a visual treat as the city is fully decorated with 100,000 lights and makes everyone to be mesmerized on this view and you can also spot Dusshera exhibition and it is filled with gamut of joy rides, gastronomic treats, shopping treats and much more.

Gujarat- Dusshera

Dusshera is celebrated as Navratri when Goddess durga is majestically revered for nine days. The main specialty of Dusshera in Gujarat is known to be the “Garba dance” where you will find all the people dancing with their Dandiya sticks  and  wavering to foot tapping folk music all night long.

Why you shouldn’t miss?

Participate in Garba dance by wearing traditional Gujarati Attire.If you are meant to be single ,Garba parties are there to find your special one. Go try your luck!

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