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tgblog Jan 31 2019

Hubli Dharwad – The Twin City

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Hubli Dharwad is a twin city. Dharwad is the cultural headquarters of North Karnataka. The city spans over an area of 191 sq.km.Dharwad is located at a comfortable distance of 425km from Banglore, 421 km from Pune. The city is easily reachable as it is exactly on the National Highway 4. The name of the city was derived from Sanskrit meaning “Door town”. In the past, Dharwad was between Malenadu region and the plains and it was used as resting place for travelers.The references of Dharwad is as old as 900 years making it one of the oldest cities in Karnataka. The bus transportation is excellent and inter-city transport between Hubli, Dharwad, Kalghatgi, Navalgund and Kundgol is well connected seeing many riders in these routes. Online bus tickets can be book to these routes in ticketgoose.com. TicketGoose.com is one of the best online bus ticket booking portals. Some interesting places in and around Dharwad are

Unakal Lake

Unakal Lake is 3km away from Hubli-Dharwad city. The lake is a large fresh water lake woth Vivekananda statue in the middle. There is a park to the other side of the lake. The entry fees is 10 rupees. The place is a good place for calm evenings.Unakal Lake | Tikcetgoose

Nrupatunga Betta

Nrupatunga Betta is an important point of interest in Dharwad. The place is a flat land and there is a small hill in the middle. The hill can give a view to the beauty of Hubli – Dharwad region. It is a good place to relax and the hill can give a beautiful sunsets. The place is best visited during 4pm to 7pm. The place also has space for children to play.

Nrupatunga Betta | Ticketgoose

Neerasagar Dam

Neerasagar Dam is 20km away from Dharwad city. This reservoir supplies the water to whole Hubli – Dharwad region. The surrounding of the dam is full of greenery, the cool climate and fewer crowds make the place a good picnic spot.Neerasagar Dam | Ticketgoose

Indira Glass House

Named after late leader smt. Indira Gandhi, Indira Glass House is built to grow varieties of plants. The entry fee is Rs. 10. The place has toy trains for kids to ride, an aquarium and a musical fountain. There are also local paintings and sculptures around the glass house. The walkway around the glass house has small tress and it feels good to walk around.Indira Glass House | Ticketgoose

Dharwad is an Interesting place and has unique places to visit. To book online bus tickets to Dharwad, you can book in ticketgoose.com. Make use of ticketgoose bus ticket offers to book cheaper bus tickets.

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