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tgblog Feb 24 2017

Deep and Rich Experience with TicketGoose

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Early in the morning, how will it be when there is chatter-butter everywhere with howling sounds all around like a hungry and happy lion roaring on clutching its prey? And above all these, this had to happen now; water gushed out of the washing machine and my mother screamed calling out my name. Me, like a dead corpse, got out of my bed, pushed aside the packed baggage that was kept in the living room and headed to the kitchen to where my mom was standing. She handed me a spanner and asked me to fix it.  While I was repairing with great difficulty, she enquired about the booking that she had asked me to do yesterday night for our visit to Coimbatore. Every year, we plan for a weekend trip to someplace and this time it was my dad’s decision to visit Coimbatore. I was dumbstruck as I had totally forgotten to book the tickets and I said yes, it’s done, I’ll check the time and let you know. Once my job was over, I rushed to my room and searched on Google for “online bus ticketing portals in India”. I was amazed on seeing that there were a handful of travel industries offering ticketing services across the country, but which one to choose was my question. I called up some of my friends to ask, but each one had a different answer.

I was completely exhausted and frustrated as we had to start our travel tomorrow and it was then I saw this, Book via Parveen Travels and get 10% off on all your bookings. I clicked on the link and it took me to ticketgoose.com. Since it was my first time with TicketGoose, I wasn’t sure about its operators, facilities, and services, but surprisingly, there were so many bus operators operating from Chennai to Coimbatore and amongst all, I chose Parveen Travels. It asked me to select my choice of seat and boarding point and forth which I booked three tickets from my debit card. A sense of relaxation was out in the air and I was completely at ease when I had received an e-mail describing the venue and travel details and also the offer amount that was credited back to my account. Felt, it was a good start. Now what? Yes, the timings, I went to my mom and said that the bus would leave from Koyambedu at 10.00PM. Though everything was on track, I was little concerned about the departure; whether the bus will be on time? Or will the driver not attend his call? Or whether he would say the bus broke down and you have to book another bus.

The night had arrived and we started well in advance. We boarded a cab to Koyambedu and reached there by 9.45PM and, waited in the boarding point that was mentioned in the mail. My mom asked me to call the driver and confirm the timings. I was a bit hesitant but later dialed his number. He attended the call and said that the bus would arrive in another 10 minutes and as said the bus was on time. Literally felt like jumping with joy on seeing the bus come on time. The bus assistant helped everyone to load their luggage in the trunk. Once that was done, I stepped inside the bus and was very happy to see that the coaches were well-maintained and the seats were perfect. The bus started within ten minutes and after 8 hours of tireless journey, we reached Coimbatore.

Everything was great and wonderful; from bookings and on-time schedules to vigilant driving and well-maintained coaches. I and my family were delighted with the services offered by TicketGoose and since then we made ticketgoose.com a part of our family. I recommend everyone to make their bus bookings via TicketGoose and enjoy their services after all its India’s leading bus booking portal.

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