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tgblog Aug 29 2017

Cop Runs 1km With 10kg Bomb on His Shoulder

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A Brave Hearted Cop                                                                                             Image Source: NDTV

Chitora, a small village in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh that is approximately 170km from the capital city, Bhopal experienced a sense of bravery last week when a bomb weighing 10kg was found in the backyard of the government school where around 400 children attend.

Report says that once when the bomb was discovered in the school backyard, the school authorities had informed the police and a team led by Mr. Abhishek Patel had arrived on the spot immediately but as when they came to know about the absence of the Bomb Squad, the constable Mr. Patel without wasting any time took the heavy weighed bomb of 10kg on his shoulders and ran for 1km to deposit at a place that is deprived of human habitation.

“We received the information from dial100 and being a residential and a school area, my only aim was to take it to a place that is far away from this locality”, says, Mr. Patel. He later said, “I had learned in my training that a bomb when exploded would damage 500meters of the surrounding area”.

The shocking news is that police had found a similar type of bomb in the Bannad village in Sagar district a few days ago and the case on how it reached there is still under investigation. Mr. Satish Saxena, a senior police official also added that the entire team along with Mr. Patel will be awarded for exemplary courage.

Well, the police officials are doing their job investigating but let us all not forget to appreciate this brave-hearted cop by sharing it with all our peers. If it is not us, then who will?

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