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tgblog Aug 13 2018

Cities to Visit this Independence Day!

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The nation’s freedom struggle is what we have been hearing from the time we were as kids and how the British Raj had been under their rule for over two centuries. Well, though the British Empire had been the strongest in India, the nation fought for its Swaraj despite the fact that it took two hundred years for India to become a self-ruling country. From the Great War of Independence in the year 1947 to Mangal Pandey’s fight for the rights to the midnight call of Independence, the nation has seen so much that it is not easy to retell India’s journey towards freedom. But, one can surely visit the historic sites of our nation to pay tribute to what our national leaders had fought for by making online bus ticket booking at ticketgoose.com.

  1. Delhi-

Delhi has been the epicenter of nation’s importance on all grounds, be it; political, economy or on cultural aspects. It has been serving as the capital city for a very long period has been one of the oldest cities of India that all started during the Mughal Era and went till the city became an independent nation after a long much-awaited struggle led by the some of the leaders and Indian National Congress.

  1. Mumbai-

We all know that Mumbai is known as a dreamer’s land because of the chaos and hopes that this land gives. But apart from these, the land has seen historical significances like Gandhi’s arrival in the year 1915 to Bombay and the protests against the Simon Commission in the year 1928. These are just a few as there are several events that had taken place in this city.

  1. Gujarat-

Gujarat is known widely for the rich history that is steeped deep down, all because of the facts and events. Right from Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace Porbandar to the historic Dandi March of 1930 to several other freedom fighters’ actions, this city has played a prominent role in India’s Independence.

Well, these are just not the cities that have played an eminent role in the freedom struggles as there are several other cities like Kolkata, Amritsar, and Lucknow that also horns the struggle it had shown.

Jai Hind!

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