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tgblog Apr 12 2014

Certia Bus

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Travelling to distant cities by bus is considered to be very convenient these days, especially by air conditioned buses. Also, bus tickets online have made journeys easier. Of late, foreign brands have always been a big hit. This trend started in the 1990s and continues to this very day. When it comes to buses and transport, things are not much different. Indian brands like Tata may not fascinate an average traveller, but a Volvo or Mercedes-Benz still dominates the minds of young and old alike.

Cerita’s Objectives

However, things are headed for a good change with a new Indian air-conditioned bus fraternity in the scene. Dubbed as the ‘next generation of low floor buses’, it is called ‘Cerita’ – which means passion and love in Spanish. Based in Chandigarh, the bus service aims at delivering customer satisfaction with its wide range of inter-city and low floor (intra-city) buses. The company’s strategy revolves around ‘growth, operational excellence, strategic partnerships, service and quality’.

Models and features

There are many models of Cerita – the JC 10 HD, JC 11 HD, JC 12 HD, JC 12 LC and VT 12 UC. On the first look it may look like any other foreign air-conditioned bus on our roads. However, a closer examination will reveal the differences. The very first point of difference is the ‘C’ shaped logo on the front end. In the popular JC 10 HD inter-city model, the seating capacity ranges between 28 and 37 seats, while the emission (an important criteria when it comes to judging the environment-friendly nature of the bus) is of the Euro II norm. The front and rear axles have dimensions of 4500 and 10000 respectively.

The JC 12 HD is a world class inter-city bus with a Cummins ISLe + 300 HP UK-made diesel engine. It has an efficient air-suspension system coupled with other up-to-the-mark facilities such as the ZF transmission system.

Airport Bus

Airport Bus

The low floor JC 12 LC intra-city buses have a maximum floor height of 600 mm and runs on CNG and diesel. They have a seating capacity of 47. Options include a pantry with refrigerator and electric kettle, as well as a chemical wash toilet.  Cerita also provides bus services in airports for facilitating passengers boarding aircraft.

Intra city bus

An intra city bus

Give it a thought next time

So, the next time you prefer to travel only by foreign-made buses, the thought of an equally competitive Indian bus manufacturer should also not escape your thoughts. With its stylish looks and equally bold features, Cerita buses have a great future ahead not only in the Indian arena but in the foreign spheres as well.

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