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tgblog Jan 12 2018

Celebrating Pongal in the Best Way!

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Earthen pot, sugarcanes, cardamom, nuts, raisins, and a sufficient gallop of ghee in the rice amalgamated with dals makes it sound a lot more aromatic and salivating, and a quintessential fanatic lover of festivals wouldn’t miss heading to Tamil Nadu. Coz it is in Tamil Nadu where the festival lasts for two whole days commemorated with an enclosure of zest and merriment. The festival of Pongal is basically the harvest festival that’s celebrated in the Thai month of Tamil Calendar (in the month of January) and this time it is one 14th of this month to cry out Pongal ‘o’ Pongal at the maxim.

The festival celebration usually lasts from two to three days in the remote areas of Tamil Nadu, mostly in the villages and hamlets where the festival happiness can be seen from scratch. The first day, being Bogi; usually, it is said that it is during this day, people clean their houses by throwing out what’s not necessary and burning them outside their homes. Once when that’s done, the second is the prime day where the function starts with intricately designing the doorsteps of the houses with Kolams and Rangolis. (Do make sure that you don’t stamp on them and destroy the effort put in by the ladies in making it perfect)

So, when there’s a festival, there has to be food. Isn’t it? And being a harvest festival, two dishes are made on this auspicious day. The first one is Ven Pongal- a savory dish and the second is the immorally awesome and lip-smacking sweet dish- Sakkarai Pongal which is then distributed to friends and relatives. Yummy!! Just smacking!

Finally, the third day is very important and for you to know and, what’s the most sought out thing is the “Jallikattu”, the bull chasing sport that is played with great fervor in the regions of Trichy, Madurai, and Tanjore. Jallikattu is a sport equivalent to the Spanish bullfight where strong athletes can be seen participating.

Hmm, nice reading it isn’t it? A festival filled with fun, excitement, food and games that are for sure going to light your spirits up. So, head to Tamil Nadu this January by booking bus tickets online at ticketgoose.com.

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