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tgblog Mar 15 2017

Celebrate Gudi Padwa with TicketGoose

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Gudi Padwa Gudi Padwa in Sanskrit terms is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which indicates that on the first day of the Chaitra month according to the Lunisolar Hindu calendar, Maharashtrians celebrate this festival marking the beginning of the Marathi New Year. Chaitra month’s first day signifies two mythological geneses; one is the start of spring and the other is a day when Lord Brahma recreated the world after a massive inundation destructed it. For this year, 2017, March 29 will be manifested with beautiful rangolis, colorful dresses, bittersweets and family gatherings and in places like Pune, Nagpur, Thane and Nashik, you will be in cloud nine after experiencing this spectacular religious start. So, below, I have listed few rituals associated with Gudi Padwa;

Religious Start; where people, young and old begin this day by taking holy bath or dipping in the sacred river close to the temple and wearing new clothes. The women wear nauri; a nine-yard saree pinned at the back and men wear kurta pyjama with a red turban on their head. Taking a religious bath signifies cleansing of their body and soul and, preparing them for a new start.

Rangoli; Rangoli is a colorful design patterned in the front yard using powdered rice, vermillion, and turmeric. The women wake up early in the morning and make intrinsic designs that are not only vivid and vibrant but attractive as well. This signifies bringing good luck to the family by fading off negative energies.

Decorating with flowers; like Dussehra, Gudi Padwa is also celebrated with flowers. The flowers are conferred to Lord Brahma and used in the front yard while decoration as it signifies purity and the fragrance of it is meant to spread positivity amongst all.

Gudi; Gudi is nothing but a pot (Kalash) made of silver, copper or bronze, covered with red, yellow or saffron colored cloth and hoisted in an inverted position at the entrance of the house. It should be placed in such a way that it should behold the eye even from a farther distance and if apt then it signifies prosperity.

Prasad or sweets; in this festival, sweets are made with neem and jaggery as these bitter-sugary tasted sweets resemble the blend of happiness and sorrows in one’s life.

Thus, though this festival sounds small, signifies a lot isn’t it. It’s time that for all those who are unaware of this festival or clueless about how it’s celebrated, visit Maharashtra by booking your bus tickets only with TicketGoose, India’s leading bus ticketing platform and avail offers as well for your trip.

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