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tgblog Sep 13 2017

Lazy Pay- Book Now, Pay Later

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                                                                 “Our Services Beholds Our Customers, Their Smiles Strives Our Quality” TicketGoose, one of India’s largest and most-adorned bus ticketing platforms has always given you industry’s best, be it user-friendliness and deals or travel insurance and this time it is gonna be your easiness. Considering several parameters and other external factors, this time the firm has come up with what is called as Lazy Pay- an option to book your […..]

tgblog May 26 2017

Ride 2 One of Sterling’s Resorts with TICKETGOOSE!

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With summer mid-way through the year and with kids’ unplanned vacation, the stress level of yours ought to peak up that can also daunt your kids’ thoughts towards you. But like how every problem has a solution, this issue of yours can be taken to a new dimension with the nation’s favorite online bus ticketing portal; TicketGoose. Wondering, the portal that has eased ticketing issues, how is it going to solve this problem of yours. Then, lend your ears, as TicketGooose in association with Sterling Holidays has come with a new offer that is just blood curdling and breath- taking. […..]

tgblog Apr 26 2017

Sizzling Summer Offers for all Travellers

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What is it that most of us do during peak sweltering temperature, switching on our air-conditioners, watching a sportive game and having a delightful meal, isn’t it? But, there is a lot more to witness and benefit from your normal gloomy days. With scorching summers and school vacations up, it’s time to head to exotic destinations with your desired ones and with exciting travel offers coz at the end of the day if there is something that matters the most, then it is the penny spent on every visit. Considering this view and giving it the prime importance, TicketGoose which […..]

tgblog Apr 13 2017

Celebrate Tamil New Year in the way how it is!!

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What type of a person are you? Are you a quintessential one who doesn’t miss out any celebrations and is always on foot to enjoy the vast religious festivals spread across the nation, then one such fiesta you shouldn’t miss out is Tamil New Year? Fêted in the state of Tamil Nadu, the first day of the Solar Cycle, the first month named as Chitthirai as per the Tamil Calendar marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year. Chitthirai also witnesses the marriage of Goddess Meenakshi to Lord Sundereshwar and so, in the Meenakshi temple of Madurai, this festival is […..]

tgblog Apr 05 2017

A Visit 2 AGRA with TG’s Alluring Offer

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A place where weather or climatic condition does not influence the thriving tourists in stopping their visit to India’s most beautiful destination known for the intricate carvings of the white-marbled grandeur, Taj Mahal or the captivating architectural archetype of the Mughals, Jama Masjid or the Mughal Emperor, Akbar’s holistic capital also known as the deserted city, Fatehpur Sikri. Agra houses these charismatic heritage sites whose significance is well-known to people of all ages and has further impacted in shaping India’s history right from the classic Mahabharata to the influential Mughal dynasty. Agra has indeed undergone several transitions in its name […..]