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tgblog Sep 22 2017

Calicut- A Trade Centre & A Land of Houseboats

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Kappad Beach

Amongst the myriad lush greenery of the Eastern Ghats and the azure shores of the Arabian Sea remains an ancient trade port; Kozhikode a.k.a Calicut, the largest city in the Northern part of Kerala that is also a neighbor to the Western Ghats of Mysore and Bangalore. Once a trade center of the Arabs and the Europeans and, a site where Vasco da Gama first landed while sailing from Europe is now an important tourist destination holding plenitude of weekend getaway spots. Here, you can spot foreigners throughout the year sighting Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, the Sweet Meat Street, the Beypore Ship Building Yard and the Kalari School.

Places to Visit Here;

1. Kappad Beach-

This place dates back to 1498 when Vasco da Gama landed first in India with other sailors thereby leading to the establishment of economic relationships between the two nations; India and Europe. You can try city’s best tender coconuts here. Its reach is just 20km from Calicut.

2. Mannanchira Square-

This place holds more than a water pool built by former Zamorins King Manavedavan. You can find temples, mosques, churches, ancient homes, music stage, open theatre and a musical fountain that ought to give you a feel of time travel that takes you back to centuries.

3. Tali Temple-

One of the oldest and renowned temples of the city near Mannanchira Square is Tali Temple where the yearly contest of academic skills known as Revathi Pattathanam is hosted. Besides this, the temple management organizes five ceremonies a day and a weekly festival during the Malayalam New Year. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shivalinga is about 2 feet tall with its temple architecture built in the usual Kerala style.

4. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary-

Located near the Kadalundi River in the Arabian Sea, this Sanctuary is house to 100 local bird species and over 60 migratory birds that do nothing but amazes you. A visit to this place is no less than a lullaby heard coz of the flock of birds humming and chirping.

Apart from these, Calicut houses museums as well that portrays its amazing history. So, when are you heading? Whatever be the time of travel,  do not miss to book your bus tickets to Calicut in either Kallada, Greenline, SRS or Parveen Travels as they are known for exceptional bus services.

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