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tgblog Jun 01 2017

Break your Fast at these Top Places

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“In this holiest and sacred month of Ramadan, TicketGoose wishes everyone, Ramadan Kareem”.

Ramadan, the month of fasting is one such glorious festival where people fast throughout the day without in taking a drop of water. Their tough abstinence from food and water with immense prayers ought to bring good deeds to their families. With Ramadan around the corner, food is one such popularity where anyone can be seen indulging in. Below, are the few places in India where one must open their fast in;

Pista House, Hyderabad; have you heard of the Mutton Haleem? If not, then it is a must eatery to have this Ramadan. Visit Pista House in Hyderabad where you can see this dish prepared predominantly with mutton and lentils. Such has gained the popularity that this cuisine is exported from our nation. Besides this, embed the tastes of Biryanis and Kababs on your taste buds.

Bademiya, Mumbai; an ideal place for midnight cravings. Located on Tulloch Road, Colaba, Mumbai, this hotel is one of the desired restaurants of foodies. When you are here, try out the juicy non- vegetarian Kababs and soft Rotis that ought to make your taste buds crave for more.

J. Jalebi; why break your fast with the usual home-made sweets and fruits. Make away from these by visiting J. J. Jalebi that is located in JJ Junction, Byculla and trying out the crispy Jalebi dipped in Sugary Chanchani that would just create a wow factor in your mind. This shop in one of the oldest sweets shops in the nation that has always gathered a huge crowd around.

Delhi is known as a paradise for foodies and enjoying the rich aromatic and flavored cuisines during this festive month ought not to be missed. The Karim’s Hotel located near Jama Masjid is known for its finger- licking Mutton Korma and Sheek Kabab. If you want to enjoy the authentic food with a little music that is like adding spice to your meal then visit Gulati to enjoy a nice sit- down meal.

So, where are you heading to this Ramadan!

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