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tgblog Jun 14 2019

Bodi – The Cardamom capital of India

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Bodinayakkanur or Bodi is a small town in Theni district of Tamil Nadu. In earlier times, the city was called as Thenkasiyampathi. Later, the town was renamed as Bodayanayakkanur, after the person Bodayanayakkar, who ruled the place. The beautiful town is surrounded by Weatern Ghats on the three sides giving a spectacular view. Bodinayakkanur is the “Cardamom Capital of India”. Though a small town, Bodi has a lot of places to look around. Bodi is a really good weekend destination to visit. You can reach bodi in bus and bus tickets can be booked in ticketgoose.com. Bodi can be reached from cities like Tirunalveli, Madurai, Dindugul and Chennai. Some beautiful places around Chennai are


Meghamalai,also popularly called as Highwavys Mountains, is situated in Western Ghats. The place is full of cardamom plantation and tea estates. The mountain range is at an elevation of 1500m. The best attraction of the mountain range is Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is filled with flora and fauna. The place is full of wild lives like tiger, wild boar, leopard, Nilgiri tahr, gaur, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar deer etc. It is best suited to relax, a laid back vacation spot.


Kurangani is a hill station in Western Ghats.A mountain stream passes between Kurangani Mountains in the east and Kolukkumalai in the west. The hills have a fluctuating weather. The environment is chilly with strong winds. Kunagani has more than 6 streams. All join together into the Kottakudi River. These hills are a wonderful trekking spot. Sambalaru falls provides drinking water to Bodinayakanur.

Surali falls

Surali falls is a 2 stage cascading waterfalls in Theni district. The water from the falls is supplied from Meghamalai falls.  The height of the falls is about 46m. The falls have separate entry for men and women. Depending on the speed of the water, people are allowed to get close to the falls. The falls is a great place to relax. The place can be reached by rented bicycles. The entry to the falls is 5/- The place is filled with monkeys.

Vaigai Dam

The Vaigai Dam is built across the Vaigai River near Andipatti. The dam was built to rpovide irrigation to Madurai & Dindugul district. The dam was inaugrated in 21st january 1959. The dam also has 2 hydro electric power plant with a generation capacity of 6MW with 3MW each.The dam has a small and beautiful park maintained by the Water Resources Department on both the sides. The park also have a play area for children. 

Bodi is a place if you wish to escape to the nature. Book bus tickets to Bodi in ticketgoose.com

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