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tgblog Sep 19 2017

Bijapur- The Land of Five Rivers

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Palaces, tombs, minarets, arches, rivers and what not!!! Yes, this land of five rivers and an ancient city is located in the North- Western region of Karnataka that is in close proximity to Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is called an ancient city because it was constructed in the 11th century by KalyaniChalukyas. Though ancient by name, this city still remains tall in terms of monuments and rich culture. At a distance of just 534 km from Bangalore and 380km from Hyderabad, Bijapur has lot more to show to its tourists and has thus become a well-known and renowned tourist spot in India. If you are eager to knowing more about this place, hold on as I will be taking you through this ancient city via my blog.

Places to See here;

1. GolGumbaz–built by Adil Shah, this monument is recognized as the most-famous and largest tomb ever built in India next to St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. The central attraction of this place is the resonance of sound heard inside it. A thing dropped can be easily recognized even at a distance of 37 m and the echo which is heard seven times. There are guest houses in it that are now in ruins and a mosque called NaqqarKhana that is turned up to a museum now.

2. The Archaeological Museum –this is run by the Archaeological survey of India and is located next to GolGumbaz which holds objects like weapons, inscriptions, paintings and sculptures.

3. Ibrahim Rauza– constructed on a single rock bed, this is a tomb of Adil Shah II, that is called as a twin tower of India as it includes two buildings; one a mosque surrounded by four minarets and a tomb with a fountain in the middle. All these are raised on a tall surface with minarets enclosing each side.
4. SaathKabar- though not an exciting spot to visit, it is a dark destination whose story narrates as; once an army chief visited a fortune teller to know about his victory against the Maratha king. But on knowing his defeat and death in the war, he killed all his 63 wives by pushing them inside the well one after the other in fear that they would re marry after his death.

These are few amongst the many places to visit in Bijapur and if you want to cover up all then don’t hesitate to visit TicketGoose.com and make your bus ticket bookings in either VRL or SRS travels to not only have a pleasant trip but to avail exclusive deals and offers as well.

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