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tgblog Aug 20 2019

Best Ways to Taximise and Go Beyond the Journey – Ticketgoose

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Driving a taxi in the urban jungles is back-breaking work with little reward. The hours are long. The pay can be awful; if the cab driver doesn’t make much in a night to cover the lease of the taxi and petrol costs, he might go home with empty pockets. This isn’t to say cab drivers are perfect. As in any industry, there are bound to be a few shady characters who charge their customers more than required, they keep a messy car, or just behave rudely. But most of them are trying to do right by their customers and their families. When customers whistle at taxis to hail a cab, a driver says he often chooses not to stop, on principle. In many foreign cultures, whistling to get someone’s attention is a very low form of disrespect. Then, there are passengers who enter a car without greeting or thanking the driver. Starting off this way creates a charged atmosphere.

Instead: Wave down an available cab with your hand. Just when the driver stops for you, look him in the eye and say hello as polite human beings do.

Walk when you can…to your destination!

Short rides, especially those ones that are fairly walkable distances, can invariably amount to loss for the driver. This is excruciating when the cab driver spends an hour waiting in line at the taxi stand for a prospective customer.

Instead: Why not walk it off? 



Never give orders from your seat…to your cabbie!

Imagine if someone is walking over to you and telling you what to do all day. That’s what happens sometimes to cabbies when customers shout or teach him how to drive, brake and turn. It’s the driver’s prerogative to know the fastest and best possible route to a destination. And let’s face it, cabbies anyway know how to drive in traffic and alternate routes.



Don’t ask your driver to jump a signal

Getting to one’s destination quickly is the first task. But, getting there while breaking the law is never the question. Never disturb or encourage your cabbie to jump a signal even if there’s no one to see or book you. The risks are very high for cab drivers who are caught breaking the law. The worst part being their licences cancelled and them barred from driving a taxi ever!

Instead: Plan well ahead for your journey to the airport or that job interview. Also, please understand that traffic signals are there for a reason. Some passengers get irked at the typical waiting charge that they have to bear with the cab fare. This should not pave the way for rash driving to make up for lost time as that too amounts to taking an unwanted risk and being subjected to fines.

A policeman stands guard between a line of New York City yellow taxis and cabs waiting to get fuel from a gas station in Midtown Manhattan

Never eat in your taxicab

We all get hungry and then want to gorge on finger foods or burgers and chips. You want to sip on a cola and maybe end up spilling them on the seat. you rip into the fast food and chomp ravenously. One can’t avoid littering the cab’s interiors with food remnants, particles, the sauce sachet or even the smell that stays in the cab to welcome the next passenger! You must carry paper napkins, if at all you have to eat, or better still clean up before leaving the cab at your drop location.

Instead: Why not eat your food in the restaurant itself. Or maybe ask the driver if he minds you eating in his beloved car. Or simply, just wait until you get home!



Never board a cab if you are too drunk

There’s no doubt we all want people to stay safe while choosing any cab ride option besides driving themselves. But riders should ensure they don’t vomit in the car, fall asleep and miss the route directions, or otherwise speak disturbingly and be noisy.



Taking Ola/Uber instead of the regular one

Kindly set aside your mind to gather that Ola/Uber is a likely disrupting force in our day to day lives. Sometimes, a ride with them can sometimes be economical than a traditional taxi ride. Discounts have dramatically cut into the number of trips a taxi driver makes in a given night.



And here’s your bottomline

Be nice to your cab driver. Don’t litter his car or argue with him. Driving a taxi can be a thankless job, but for those who are in the trade, let’s not make it more difficult than it already is for them.

So, the next time you have a cab ride or bus journey coming up, don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your best face and gear up for a joy ride in your taxi. Book your travel tickets at TicketGoose.com for exciting offers. We are committed to taking you places for a beyond the journey experience so, download the app here

Happy travelling folks!

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