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tgblog May 29 2018

Best Waterparks to Beat the Heat!

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What more exciting can it be this summer than a plunge into a chill pool and some splashing fun to beat the heat? If you an avid lover of water games where you love the thrust of getting drowned zipping from a slide or love to rock on a water pool then this is the right place for one. There are a hefty number of waterparks in India that oath to offer the best recreation and fun for both children and adults, and I assure you once visited, you would never hesitate to revisit again. Also, to these destinations book your bus tickets online at ticketgoose.com for the best online bus booking offers.

1. Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai-

A waterpark that started nearly four years ago is still the most sought-after destination when it comes to water games and it is because of its rising popularity that it has got the name of one of the best water theme parks of the nation attracting people of all ages, especially from Mumbai and Pune. If you want to avoid the crowd then you must chart a time during the weekdays. Hail to the plethora of thrilling rides, revitalizing ambiance and courteous staff. Of these, the best is the Boomerang, Loopy Woopy and Floats Rides that’s worth trying.

2. Wonderla, Bangalore-

This real and ideal blend of water and theme park that is known to offer an eclectic mix of rides, all of which are cherishing and fun-filled. From the endless count of rides available making it difficult for the riders to look for the right one to various other delights, Wonderla is truly a pack of zest. Also, this place is inclusive of a 15 minutes 4D movie screening, rain dance, high thrill rides like Y-Scream, Vertical Fall, Equinox, and Insanity.

3. Water Kingdom, Mumbai-

We, the kids of this millennium have always desired to do something aspirational and for us, the same old TV Ad seems to drive the force when it comes to recreation and Water Kingdom is one of the renowned water theme parks of the nation and the oldest in the country. Over these years, the park has introduced new thriller rides retaining the old ones like the artificial beach. If you wish to cherish the rides at reasonable fare then this has to be on your bucket list.

So, what is it that is stopping you? Book your trip, pack your swimsuits and head to any of these water parks to enjoy the unlimited fun.

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