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tgblog Jun 20 2017

Best Places to Visit in Vellore

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Chennai, being the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu not only reflects the rich cultural heritage of ancient India but also offers the best weekend getaways to revitalize yourself. From beautiful lawns to adventurous theme parks to serene beaches, Chennai is known for these but wait, after five days of heavy load, your family and you need a die-hard break from your routine and one such place to refresh your soul is Vellore. Vellore though known by many as one of the hottest places in the Southern part of our nation also has a huge bucket list and to unveil what this place has to show to its tourists, scroll down;

Vellore Fort                                                                 Vellore Fort

Did you know that Vellore has an another name as well; “The Fort City”. Located just 140km from Chennai, this city is known for the fort built with only granite stones that depict the enriching legacy reminiscent of the Dravidian Architecture and the tranquil scenery which many adore of when visited thus making it an ideal weekend getaway spot. Located close to the fort and at a distance of just 8km from the Vellore bus stand, stands a temple constructed with 1.5 tons of pure gold on both of its interiors and exteriors. Yes, you have heard it right, a temple made of gold called as Sripuram Golden Temple is one such golden temple sprawling across 100 acres of land in the Thirumalaikodi Village of the Vellore district that was sculptured to highlight the spiritual teachings of Guru Amma also known by many as Narayani Amma.

Golden Temple- Vellore                                                           Golden Temple- Vellore

The temple’s architecture is in star-shape and a temple bearing such a shape is considered auspicious as it drives positive energy to the devotees walking on it. Isn’t it magnificent! Besides these two, there are other places like Jalakandeshwarar Temple, Punganoor Lake, Archeological Museum of India and Amirthi Zoological Park.

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