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tgblog Dec 09 2019

Best Eateries in Pune – TicketGoose

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When it is all about food obviously everyone’s mouth starts watering, and to choose the best restaurant and dishes will leave you in a difficult situation. Everyone wants to taste the different kinds of food in various places where they have been. Food has the magical power, as it makes the people to be overwhelmed. Are you ready to taste the famous food in Pune? Common, let’s have a glance at what to taste if we are been in Pune.


Sujata Mastani

Curiosity to know what Mastani is? If you taste this one time you will be ready to skip your meal regularly. It is some delightful combo of milk and ice cream. This is one of the Pune specials which is loaded with rich nutrients like dry fruits and Kesar. You can also try a variety of flavors whatever you might like. One glass of Mastani will fill your tummy, that you won’t be eating anything soon. More branches are spread across the city, Ready to grab from your nearest locality.


JJ garden vada pav owes and wins the taste when comparing the taste of other vada pavs in the city. If you are a vada pav lover don’t miss to eat in this place, it is situated in MG road. They distribute pleasant crispy varieties of vada pav like cheese, masala, and classic Mumbai vada pav. Do taste this vada pav in MG road and end up your perfect evening with a perfect snack.


If you find a crowd in FC road it is meant to be Vaishali-the famous SPDP center, you will never find out this shop without the crowd. Sev Puri and Dahi Puri are named as SPDP by the people who come over there. Sabudana vadas with coconut chutney are one of the topmost dishes where you will never mind to lick your fingers, that’s only happens in Vaishali.

Who will wait to go for Pune after reading this, Common lets immediately fly away to Pune to taste these mouth-watering dishes and experience the taste of joy.

“Live to Eat and Eat to Live”

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