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tgblog Jun 19 2018

Best Eateries in Chennai!

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Food-a-holics explore only those destinations that are a spot of culinary delights and if you ever wish to feel the real taste of what a cuisine will be then head to Chennai; the Southern part of India that which is known widely for its heritage and rich Dravidian architecture. It is said that the artisans here were so talented that without their effort the top temples wouldn’t have been as renowned and glorious. So, visit this part of India to see what is it to let pass the recipe each dish being passed from generations and thus, it’s time to go mouth-watering and bite into any of these top dishes in Chennai.

  1. Nethili Fry

An amazing dish of the coastal area which not only individual from the coastline but anyone who visits it feast onto this dish coz of its taste and aroma that is just stunning. Spicy, crunchy and just time an anytime appetizer which is coated with aromatic spices like turmeric, chilli, garlic pastes and few curry leaves making it just YUM! If you really want to try it then you must head to the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu where you get it all fresh, being caught and cooked right away!

  1. Pongal and Vadai

Wow! The best staple and a breakfast specialty to bump on which goes well with Sambhar the very famous cuisine throughout the nation and I bet you would hear people saying, “Want to treat your buds with the real taste of lentils then it is only in Tamil Nadu”, made with Lentils like Urad Daal, Moong and Paddy like Rice, it is the best eatery one could ever get to taste. At times, Pongal is also made as a sweet dish by adding jaggery. Be what may, all of these are worth sampling and you should try it out at least once a lifetime.

  1. Murukku

Haha, this delicious savory, literally meaning twisted is a snack made from rice flour and split black lentils, cumin, salt and vanaspati and deep fried. This lip-smacking dish goes well with hot filter coffee.

So, when are you trying these bonus dishes? For you to not miss it, book an Outstation Taxi to this part of Tamil Nadu and start your ride at best fare possible.

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