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tgblog Nov 05 2019

Temples of Wisdom – Madurai

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1.Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, also known as Meenakshi Amman Temple, is located in the heart of Madurai and is considered as one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimages in India. Selected among the top 30 nominees for Seven Wonders of the World, Meenakshi Temple is no less than an architectural marvel. The foundation of the temple was initially built by Kulasekara Pandya but was rebuilt by Nayak king of Madurai, Viswanatha Nayak during 1559-1600. The entire complex occupies around 45 acres of land that owns a 254 by 237 meters massive building. While the temple has […..]

tgblog Oct 31 2019


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Mangalore –A Miniature city recognized as Mangaluru is one of the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka, which is rising between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats mountain Range in Karnataka. A vast city with multicultural practices and the language is spoken by the people over here is mainly the Konkani. It is one of the diminished areas when it comes to tourism, the city’s landscape is characterized by the greenish coconut palms, the freshwater torrents, crown buildings, rolling of huge hills. Let’s have a  look still more by reading this blog on Mangalore. Pilikula Nisargadhama The […..]

tgblog Oct 21 2019

How Bus Rides are Getting Smart – TicketGoose

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Summers have shown up! What’s more, aside from the burning warmth and mugginess, it is likewise the season when most families in India plan for their yearly family excursion. Like every single year, 2019 will likewise observe an appeal for bus tickets during the following couple of months. What’s more, that implies getting confirmed status in trains would not be simple. Certainty is: Indian railroads needs you to plan out your voyages well ahead of time. However, life doesn’t have such a direct stream to it. So…here’s a piece on how the quality of bus rides has put TicketGoose.com in […..]

tgblog Oct 19 2019

Horror to be Haunted – TicketGoose

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Can you guess what I am gonna say? Yup!  Its all about scary house stories, Excited or frightened? Either people believe in ghosts or not, but some people get panic about hearing the word ghost and  It’s only one life, we are going to live once,. Brij Raj Bhavan Brij Raj Bhavan is a palace located in Kota, Rajasthan; it’s an old palace constructed in the 19th century is known to be the place of harmless ghosts. The ghost in this place will walk in the corridors and slap the defenders when they are sleeping. Its a kinda god ghost […..]

tgblog Oct 18 2019

Kodai Special-Want! -TicketGoose

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As everyone knows only Kodaikanal is known to be the  “Princess of the hill station” and for deserving nature. Not only nature, but there is also a hidden truth beyond this nature. Eager to know? Well! Go through the blog to know more about the hidden specialty of Kodaikanal. Without buying these things from Kodaikanal it would become a black mark on you. Home Made Chocolates Kodaikanal is the hometown of every chocolate lover because it’s known for its authentic, tasty homemade chocolates. Where you can find different kinds of homemade chocolates which is being sold at every nook and […..]