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tgblog Aug 01 2018

The hidden Paradise In Northeast-Mawlynnong

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Welcome to the Paradise of Meghalaya, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya is one of the must-visit interesting places in India and it is blessed with the charm in northeast India. Because of its cleanliness, it is recognized as one of the cleanest villages in Asia. The place is filled with interesting people, fascinating culture and the eco-friendly village community which will teach you some amazing lessons in life. The charming paradise of the town will be more refreshing to our mind. Are you aware of living root bridge? You can find a living root bridge found only in Meghalaya, it’s quite interesting […..]

tgblog Jul 31 2018

A Beautiful Temple- Golden Temple

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Religion or faith there are no restrictions over here. You could even be nonreligious and your step towards “Golden Temple” will melt your heart. The peacefulness and the beauty of the Golden Temple will make everyone to be mesmerizing.” Harmandir Sahib “is its official name but due to the gold plate buildings, it is known to be the Golden Temple of Amritsar. There is only one god, his name is true, and he is the creator, without fear, without hatred called “Guru Granth Sahib “and this place probably known as the home to the holiest shrine of Sikhism. Everything is […..]

tgblog Jul 31 2018

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

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Imagine Praying to the Sun, being surrounded by rice fields, lush green mountains, vivid clouds with a gentle breeze will make your mood happy. You might think whichplace it would be? This all will happens only  in Ziro .Nuzzled in the lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh is a peculiar town called Ziro. If you often find yourself wishing for a few moments of peace and solace, then your destination is here. You can get out from the annoying humdrum of the city life and start stepping into this valley and get relaxed .The astonishing countryside of Ziro valley, holds […..]

tgblog Jul 24 2018

Magical Mandu

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Mandu is also known as Mandavgarh a tiny town located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. It is a heavenly destination especially in monsoon season coz the cool breeze after rains and the light wind make everyone to fall into this mesmerizing destination. You will be getting excited with the most beautiful medieval Afgan architecture in Mandu. Since seeing is believing, sure you will have a great time visiting Mandu. The Magical Mandu will remain a dazzling destination for everyone and you will be leaving with the bag full of memories. Are you ready to leave your footprints in Mandu? […..]

tgblog Jul 18 2018

Start Hunting Various Destinations

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Why should we want take a tour to foreign cities while we have more heavenly   places in India? To be open we don’t have sufficient time to visit the places in India, it can take an entire lifetime to visit this incredible country and there is no assurance you will go to heaven after your death, so please take a visit to these heavenly places on earth which is more stunning In India. Start fulfilling them by filling your bucket list with those heavenly places where you will lose yourself. To head to these destinations start booking your bus tickets […..]